Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our Journey Through Fetal Medicine: The Home Stretch

Today was our next to last appointment at the Perinatal Center out here in Midland/Odessa. Our appointment next week is literally right before we leave for Houston. It feels surreal to be getting so close.

Overall, she looked good today. Her right kidney that was dilated last week had NO fluid in it this week! Her left kidney is still dilated but not showing scarring. Her bladder of course is still enlarged. She is still measuring a bit small but nothing alarming at this point. Her abdomen is pretty big as expected. I told the tech that she looks like her mom--small head and a big belly. 😂

I've been having some contractions that were amped up during a stomach bug the past 20 hours. I was a little concerned I would go into labor before next week. Doc said they wouldn't stop the labor since I'm 35 weeks, but if I do go into labor to call his cell phone. I have no idea what we would do, but I'm just praying now for the contractions to stop until we get to Houston.

Houston also called and scheduled the remainder of our consultations with the various specialists we haven't met yet. The day we move into the house we have appointments with the nephrologist and neonatologist as well as a tour of the NICU. We also have our regular OB and ultrasound appointments already lined up. I'm ready to not sit and wait in a doctor's office anymore and to get this show on the road!

Today our sweet ultrasound tech surprised us with a gift he created for AnnLouise. I've talked about him before and the love we have for him, but I could never describe how much comfort he has brought to us week in and week out at every appointment. Even when one of our recent appointments was scheduled for Midland, he drove to the Midland office to do our ultrasound. That is going above and beyond!

But today. Today he made the whole office cry. We were about to leave when he brought in a package. Inside were pictures of her and a CD with her ultrasound images as well as this beautiful angel that has AnnLouise's picture in it. Engraved on it is:

May the angels always watch over you

The angels sure have watched over her the past 35 weeks. We know that by the miracle God performed on her body, but we also know that because God put in our path a doctor who is the smartest man I know, a genetic counselor with the sweetest heart I can imagine, and Oscar--our amazing ultrasound tech who saw her bladder had shrunk and walked every hard step and miracle milestone of this journey with us. To have someone who loves your child to that level...that is when you know God had His hand over this before we even knew we'd need it.

We are ready for Houston and to meet our sweet baby, but we will miss the people who have gotten us this far. It is down to the final stretch. Let the countdown begin.

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