Tuesday, March 8, 2016

When in Waco

Little H has been all over Texas (and some of Arkansas) in his short life. This weekend was no different as my mother-in-law and I met up with my mom, sister, and "Hub mom" in Waco. We had decided to attend the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event and of course double down on our time in Wacoland while shopping at all the Fixer Upper hot spots!

The conference lasted Friday night and Saturday morning. We have always enjoyed learning from Beth Moore, but at the LPL events my favorite thing is usually Travis Cottrell and his beautiful music. I was raised on some good ol' gospel music, and I don't get as much of it in the Anglican church as I did in the Baptist church of my youth so it was a real treat to have praise & worship like I used to know.

That Beth can jump. And move. And get you filled up with the Gospel.

Beth doing her thing!

My 3 moms ready for LPL!
my sissy & me
After the conference (maybe even a tiny few minutes before it was over), we headed over to Magnolia Market. I had heard it would have a long line to get in, and I was afraid all 7,000 women from the conference would be in a rush to get over there.

comin' at ya, MM!
The line was long, but honestly it moved so fast that we could barely even snap pictures while waiting. They had some really neat stuff, but I ended up just getting a canister and 2 t-shirts. My very own Santa had given me a Magnolia Market gift card for Christmas, so I wanted to use it on something special. But if I wanted anything big I probably would order it online so I wouldn't have to carry through the busy store. Just me though.

Sis & me at MM

the silos

the ladies ready to shop!

my MIL & I at MM

something new is happening at the silos!
One really cool thing they have done is set up a food truck area in the back. My MIL and I ate Milo's. Shut the front door. It was soooo good! We both got a buttermilk biscuit with sweet tea fried chicken (that's a real thing!), an egg, bacon, and spicy honey mustard. So that buttermilk biscuit recipe I posted last week? Yeah, it's going to be used again real soon.

behind MM at the food truck area

food trucks at MM

Aunt Sis and Baby H-y

Down the street was another store called the Foundery or something like that. It was really cool too and not near as crowded. I actually bought more there than I did at MM.

Then we headed to Harp Design Co. What's really cool is that their renovated house is next door to the shop, so we got to see it from the outside. I always loved that episode of Fixer Upper, but the house was even more gorgeous in person.

Mom, me, Sis, and H at Harp
Cash found us this awesome rental house in Aquilla right outside of Waco on VRBO. It was on a gorgeous farm, and we had free range to just relax and do whatever. Saturday night we went back to the house and ate sandwiches and dips while chatting about life back home in the A-R. Probably my favorite part of the trip. Hands down. I love those 4 women, and it was so relaxing to just hang out and eat a sandwich. For crying out loud, ladies, we need to get together and just eat sandwiches sometimes. Am I right?!

campfire chats
coffee around the campfire out on the ranch
I've always felt like I don't have a group. You know what I mean? I have lots of friends, but I don't have this group that just does stuff together. I've never done a girls' weekend with friends or had a bunco group or whatever. I think most women (I can't be the only one) crave gal pals. And really I don't like being gone from my hubby very much, so I probably am okay with no big girls' trips or things too far from the house. But I've been kind of down on myself for not really finding my place. This weekend I sat there and thought how silly I've been. I do have that; it's just not a group totally my age all in one place. And that's great because they are my people!

I have my mom and sister. They're my rocks. I have the Hub...a group of my parents' closest friends. I have my in-laws who live just a few blocks away, and my MIL has more friends than I can count. And each one of these people invite me into their lives. They let me do me. And they love me unconditionally. My heart is overflowing this week thinking of my blessings.

My mother-in-law and I were headed back to MTown enjoying good conversation (really, perhaps the greatest gift my husband has shared with me is a friendship with his mom) when we passed this truck...

this little piggy went to the market...
What can I say? Even when I am heading home, a little piece of Arkansas travels with me. Woo Pig!

I hope you all have a chance to go to Waco and see all the cool stuff. And even more than that, I hope you all have a friendship (or 2 or a whole group) that makes you know how special you are too.

Keep wandering...

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