Friday, January 22, 2016

Kabel, 30, Arkansas

Five years ago I was doing exactly what you are doing--reading through posts on Single's Day. Little did I know that day I was finding the man of my dreams who would become my husband and most recently the father of our precious little Henry who was born in November. Crazy! So enjoy the day and maybe, just maybe, this is the day that something great starts for you too!

Before Cash and I got married, I was still living in Arkansas. For Christmas my mom and I went around to all the neighbors to hand out some of her famous Amish Bread. A new neighbor had just bought the farm adjacent to theirs, and we were anxious to meet him. Doing what any good neighbor does, we popped in unexpectedly with some bread so we could do just that--meet interrogate him. It's not everyday you get a new neighbor in Jethro, America--and one your age at that! Mom and I both agreed after that initial visit that he was a really nice guy and hoped he would like living out in the country.

Luckily, he did enjoy the new farm he had just bought and overtime my parents got to know this new neighbor. In fact they like him so well that my sister and I tease that they have forgotten about us. He is the son they never had! These days he is not just a neighbor; he is more like family. So without further ado, please meet Jethro's Most Eligible Bachelor: Kabel.

Kabel now lives outside of Ozark, Arkansas, in a little community called Jethro; however, he actually grew up on a farm in Oskaloosa, Kansas, where he was very close to his family and many cousins. After high school he went to undergrad and veterinary school at Kansas State University where he received both his B.S. in Agriculture and DVM degrees. After vet school Kabel attended North Carolina State University for his Masters and Residency Training in poultry. He now works as a turkey veterinarian for his company's farms in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri where he works closely with their employees and contract farmers to ensure they are raising the highest quality turkeys. So if you had a great Thanksgiving, you can chalk that thank you up to one Dr. Kabel.

Outside of work, Kabel loves to travel and experience new geography, cultures and the world. He also likes to go back to Kansas and visit family and friends when possible. Kabel loves the outdoors and enjoys visiting national parks as well as snow skiing. In addition he enjoys to travel abroad; his international trips have included France, China, Australia, and Mexico.

Kabel likes anything outdoors. As I mentioned he owns his own farm (wow!) where he raises Angus beef cattle. He also likes to hunt pretty much anything, especially duck and goose. He also likes to hunt local game and go on hunting trips for pheasant and quail. He loves to hike and ride ATVs and has found Arkansas's outdoors to be perfect for these hobbies! He is a follower of Christ and is very active in his church and the Knights of Columbus. 

As for ladies, Kabel would like to meet a Christian woman who would enjoy life on the farm. (And trust me--it's the most beautiful place on Earth in Jethro. I am jealous of anyone who gets to live in that stretch of God's country.)

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  3. Hi! I'm new to this, and didn't have a blog put together. BUT...I'm an animal science instructor that loves small town life. My name is Sandy, and my e-mail is Props to Kabel for giving this a try!