Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saturday Down South

I am one upset little Piggie for the Hogs' loss to Texas Tech this past weekend. Didn't we finish strong last year? Like, weren't we ranked going into the year? And now we've lost to Toledo (holy Toledo!!!) and Texas Tech. I'm sitting here still wondering what happened to my Hogs.

Sunday on the way home I was so mad that I threw a tantrum and said, "That's it! I'm taking the hog nose off the crib AND I'm cheering for A&M this weekend." That was bold, Avery. That was bold.

But now I've recanted somewhat and can't just let my Hogs go like that. For now I'll just concentrate on the fun we had tailgating and at the game. Yeah, that means I got to go to Arkansas to a game on the Hill! My heart needed to call those Hogs with the best of them. And we did just that.

Let's Call Those Hogs! WPS!
While most of my family met us at the game (they had a big off-roading trip planned that morning, Hello Arkansas), Cash and I along with my brother-in-law, Mom's cousin, and uncle went up the Hill. I love tailgating! Mostly I love eating all afternoon with no one telling me I shouldn't, but I also loved the company.

Cash and my BIL Dustin grilling nothing other than sausage links--don't all mascots eat themselves? ha

I'm sure my BIL was making up some kind of story here and Cash was like, what the heck is he saying?!

I love this pic, mostly because some rando behind us intentionally photo bombed us.

It has taken 4 1/2 years to get him in that shirt and sporting a Razorback coozie.

I found the coolest cupcakes! And I had 5 (or more) of them.

Moving to Texas I was amazed with the enormity of high school football. Our local teams may have mediocre years, but they always have a couple kids go D-1. That was foreign to me, and I have loved seeing the local guys go on to awesome collegiate careers.

However, what Texas doesn't know about football is the atmosphere of the SEC and a Saturday in the real South. Whether the SEC is down this year or not is still up in the air; what I love about the SEC is the tradition, the tailgating, the outfits. In Texas the girls wear cowboy boots. That's fine. But in the South they wear their Sunday best. It's a different world. (Sadly my husband refuses to wear what he calls "SEC hair" but I'm learning to love a different style all the same. ;))

As a Hog fan not much more is as exhilarating as calling the Hogs (can I get an "amen!"?). But I also love when Tusk and the cheerleaders come into the stadium, the band forms the A, and 70,000+ people are on their feet screaming for the state troopers to lead the guys on the field.

running through the A

Now we all know the Hogs got roasted on their own field, but I still have hope our little one becomes a Hog. So until we can get to another game at Donald W. Reynolds, here's to tailgating at the house 600 long miles away.

everything about fall on one banner

7 more weeks to go...and that little one already kicks with excitement when I call the Hogs

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