Thursday, August 15, 2013

Demolition Area

Well, well, well, blog world. It's been a minute or two. Hope all is well with each of youins. We've been soaking up life out here in West Texas, with the hubs gone all week to Houston I have a spare second to catch you up!

After attending Christ Church Anglican for a solid 10 months, Cash and I were confirmed and joined our precious new home. Father Eric spent many hours with us, mostly trying to make my Baptist-reared mind understand new ideas. In the end, the only difference is the methodology. To that I say I do not think God cares particularly about that as long as you are doing it reverently and with purpose to praise Him.
Cash and I with Fr. Eric after confirmation
In July I had surgery so my sweet momma, sis, and niece came down to help us out. The day after surgery was the 4th of July, and seeing how that's my FAV holiday, we marched ourselves right on downtown and enjoyed some fireworks. I had bumped into our CFO that afternoon, and she gave us VIP seats for the show. It was a great time; half of it I had some super meds in me and didn't feel a thing, but I'm fairly certain it was a great time. :)

Uncle Cash and Addi headed to the fireworks show

During that time we also started some major renovations on the house. I am not sure if I should give Pinterest or HGTV more credit for the inspiration, but it was highly accepted nonetheless.

As you can see the outside of the house was brown purple blue gray something. I loathed whatever color it was.

What color is that?!
Now it's more calming and more of a real color. All the things we really tried to shoot for.

new. everything.

painted the rocking chairs!
The master bath (or as I've learned from HGTV--the en suite) needed some, umm, MAJOR updates. Before the contractor got to the house, we (meaning my husband, mom, and sister) took off the old wallpaper and underneath found this amazing 1969 original wall.

removed the vanity, closed off the door, changed the walls

that. wallpaper. ahhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, so it was atrocious. Luckily, we really did hire the best contractor in Midland, Texas. I couldn't be happier with the results.

new vanity, sinks, faucets, mirrors, and striped walls (the stripes are gloss)

towel warmer, towel holder, new toilet, new floors

new shower

And while in the reno' spirit, I tried to find some curtains that were striped with large navy stripes. They don't exist in case you're wondering where to get some. So I endured the over 200 mosquito bites I got on a Saturday night and painted myself some floor length curtains. It feels more and more like Maine in our living room every day. I. Love. It!

new curtains
It's back to the grind for one more day tomorrow, and my hubby comes homes! Woohoo!! Until next time...



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  1. The house and renovations look amazing! Awesome job! Miss you!