Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your husband is RETIRED at 27?!

Yes, my husband is retired. From rugby that is. And that WAS until TONIGHT! Apparently back in the day my hunka hunka burnin' love was a mad rugby player. Legit played flyhalf (?) in superleague rugby, which I didn't know what that was until a friend of mine in graduate school explained is the equivalent of being the QB for the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully Cash is better than Romo though. Uhh...
Anywhoodle, he was retired from the sport after moving back to Midland a few years ago and sustaining several major injuries. I've never even seen him play!! Can you imagine being married to a professional athlete and not seeing them play? Me either. So Saturday he spent the afternoon showing me old game film. 1--I was stoked to watch him. 2--I was slightly more stoked to know my children have a huge possibility of being speed demons. (So...sports were kind of a big deal in our family.)
At one point he was trying to get on with the US Rugby Team. LEGIT! Then he "retired" and gave up that dream. But...did you know rugby is going to be an Olympic sport in 2016? And momma wants to go to the Olympics! haha. That's a stretch, but I have been begging him to get back out on that field and PLAY!!! I knew when he watched footage of those days gone by he'd be out there tonight. Guess who was right. Yep. Me. He's been gone for pert near 2 hours playing the sport he loves. Oh, it does my soul good to know he's doing something he loves so much.
For the record--he's not retired in his career. Big guy might have some gray hair but he still has a job, albeit licking rocks, but he has a job.
Speaking of jobs...In the past few weeks I have started my own new job, and I must admit it has been wonderful!!! I'm finally starting to get the hang of some of the ins and outs, but when I say that inevitably something else comes up that I don't know! Never ending learning but I wouldn't want it any other way.
With my first ever 8-5 job I do find myself reminiscing on the good times over Christmas when we went back to my parents' farm to celebrate said good times.
First things first--when we got there, my dad decided he'd give me a kindle. My friends in book club think I'm in the Stone Ages, because I walk to Barnes and Noble for all of our book selections. I haven't broken the Kindle out yet (there's just something about the smell of a real book), but I'm stoked to use it on trips. (Thanks, Dad! Not that you read my blog. But thanks!)
What what--a girl's first e-reader

Since we went to celebrate Christmas, we celebrated forty-eleven times! Whoop! At my Granny and Pa's house we always have a bazillion people and a gazillion kids running around. I just love it!

My cousin Tyra brought her new boyfriend to our Christmas this year, and he was such a good sport that he agreed when Granny asked/made him read the Christmas story from the Bible. My little cousin Tony read too, albeit in his Jamaican voice. I don't know where that came from...but you never know about that clan! (I mean..do y'all remember my blog about Uncle Larry??? Okay then...apple meet tree.)

cute little babies all across the back porch bed

Braeson and Addison got about 3,254 presents each. I think they need 1 more to be satisfied. Hmph! Seriously though...the adults wouldn't quit building the kids' Legos and playing with their BeyBlades.

notice who is not playing

Real mature, guys. Real mature.

I was P-U-M-P-E-D to see all of my family at once AND have my husband with me!!! First married Christmas=a complete heart.

love this back porch. love this man.
It actually snowed on Christmas day in the Ozarks!!!! Don't poke fun---this is serious business. My mom hooked up an old car hood to the 4-wheeler, and we went sledding "Jethro style"! Although Cash had made fun of me for pert near 2 years concerning this matter, he even giggled like a little girl when he was riding around. And Brae LOVED riding with Cash. I think having an uncle has done the kid some good. :)
Ahh..mountains. Snow. Trees. So many things I had forgotten what they looked like!!
"sledding" with my boo on Christmas Day
 Have I ever mentioned how much I love Braeson and Addison? No amount of miles could keep me from these hugs. I am so in love with these two it's unreal.

the sweetest hugs of all
We got to go to my home church where we got married, watch tons of b-ball in Ozark and Alma, visit with old friends, and even seal a spot in the local newspaper. Cash feels pretty legit now that he's been in the Spectator two weeks in a row: once for killing his aoudad and once for visiting an elderly lady on Barnes Mountain who happens to write an article every week. That's what small towns and good times are all about!

I hated to leave, but it was nice to come home and have this book sitting on my doorstep!

Ahhh...our wedding photo book!!!

Oh, wedding day, what sweet memories I have of you!

Last Friday Addi Doodle was in basketball homecoming! It was hard to be away for that, but I am so thankful for technology! She sent me a video of herself getting ready and said, "I wish you were here, Aunt A!!" Ugh. Tears. Ugh.

a real life princess
Little princess went to cheer camp Saturday and got to perform at halftime tonight. My family doesn't really know anything about cheerleading, but I do know this: she's the cutest, sweetest, most precious little cheerleader of all!!!!

Oh..and an update on my Brae Bear. Thanks for all the prayers! After several tests they felt his kidney issue was calmed down to the point they are only testing once a year. However, his heart has started "fluttering" so we're waiting on more appointments at Children's to see what we have going on there. In the meantime he is still as rowdy as ever and kept his uncle and I very entertained when we fed him calf fries for the first time ever. We didn't tell him what they were, but when he found out he was on the verge of passing out. Ghostly white I tell ya. The kid still loves them though. Weird. He and his Uncle Cash. Buncha weirdos.

Again, thanks for the prayers and messages you all have sent.

Have a good one!

Avery Jane

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