Monday, December 17, 2012

Need To Breathe

I don't really need to breathe anymore than usual today, but their CD is sitting next to my computer and it made me think how much I love jamming to "Washed by the Water". It steals my heart. And my rhythm.

So a few weeks ago Cash was invited on a "safari" (I say safari very loosely here-more later) hunt in South Texas. He was also supposed to be at his work's deer camp the following week too. When he told me, I was elated for him, but he said he wasn't going since I would have to be here all alone for a week. Bahumbug. I told him I had no problem missing him from Arkansas like I could Texas, "Go and have fun!!!"

That's how I found myself in Arkansas for the first time in 5 MONTHS!! Eeeek. I was so excited.

My mother-in-law was heading to Dallas, so I rode with her. Then my sister (and a surprise to me--my mom!!) met me there. We shopped and ate our hearts out (La Madeleine. What!) then headed back to the A-R on Sunday morning.

When we got back, we had to stop at Wal-Mart real quick.

Mind you: my first trip to Arkansas in 5 months.
First stop: Wal-Mart.
First visual: a family taking a group shot out front.
Not a joke. You can't make that stuff up.

Then we went to pick up my niece and nephew, and I HUGGED AND HUGGED AND HUGGED Addison and bawled my eyes out. Braeson? He ran from me and wouldn't let me get near him. Ugh.

Mom and I headed to their house later, and once we got in and changed we went on a squirrel hunt!

most of the new pups

The day Cash and I got married my mom's female had a litter of pups! I hadn't even seen them! We took about 8 or 9 dogs out on the hunt, and it was awesome to just walk around the woods. I don't know the last time I had even seen a tree! ha.

The next day I ate lunch with my grandpa at the Senior Citizens' Center. All the old ladies would say, "Oh, are you Milburn's granddaughter? Are you Avery?" I just said yes, ma'am...yes, ma'am...repeat. Grandpa finally told me, "They'd be shock to hear I had more grandkids!" Old man---how much do I love him?! I kind of felt bad for my sister and cousins since they're non-existent to his friends, but what the hey? He loves me the most. :)

We went to my grandma's cousin's house later where I tried to buy my GREAT-GREAT-GRANDFATHER'S moonshine still he used back in his bootleggin' days. I just thought it would be the neatest piece of history to have, but the old man wouldn't budge and said NO WAY is it ever for sale. Jerk.

great-great-grandfather's moonshine still

One day. One day.

Later in the week Mom and I went to NWA to my brother-in-law's basketball game but stopped in Fayetteville/Springdale to shop a little. Guess who I got to see?! Seriously my best, best friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVER!!!! She lived in Budapest (yeah, HUNGARY!) this summer, and then I moved to Texas before she came home. It was so great to see Les and hear about how life in NWA is for her and Zach. Gah, love them!!

love her!!

At the game I started hollerin' at the refs, just because it's fun for me to holler. My niece started elbowing me in the ribs and said I was "embarrassing" her because "no one else in the entire gym is yelling." I informed her she was a 6 year old liar. But in the end she won, and I quit. Figures.

The two rugrats had Christmas programs 2 days later, so we got to go back up to NWA for that. This time Braeson actually came within 10 feet of me. :) How cute are kindergarteners and 1st graders in Christmas programs?! Awwwwwww.

my heartbeats, my loves, my everythings <3 td="td">

Oh, yes, Cash had his hunts. The first one they dubbed a safari hunt? I call it cheating, but nonetheless. I guess you can hunt on a high fenced ranch in Texas and equal it to a safari hunt in Africa. Same animals I suppose.

Cash bagged this springbok the first night he was there! (A wildebeest, red stag, and impala were also taken within 24 hours of Cash's springbok. This is why I call it cheating.)

Look at scruffy mcgruffy with his trophy!

It was awesome for him though! The company is mounting the head and tanning the hide for us. I actually am pretty pumped to get those back, but it'll be about a year. The meat has already come in, and we had springbok steak for dinner last night. He also had some made into "slim jims." Oh. My. Goodness. Delic!

The next week at deer camp he ended up getting a female aoudad instead of a deer, and he had a lot of it made into sausage. I made breakfast with it yesterday morning, and it was really good too. This is why I love being married to a hunter! What a man--hunts the animal and feeds his family with it. Ain't no wastin' in the Pullin house fo' sho!

As much as I loved visiting, I couldn't help but smile a thousand smiles when I saw my husband a week later. It felt like we were dating all over again when he picked me up at the airport on a Friday night!! Lol.

CWEI Christmas Party 2012

We had four Christmas parties last week: book club, Clayton Williams Energy, Young Republicans, and a dress-up one. I loved seeing all the friends I've made in the past 5 months!! I love this town!!!!!

And of course for the costume Christmas party I had to dress up as...

Ohhhh yeah, baby!!!

Can you guess?!? No one at the party had any idea whom I was. A friend back home and my niece and nephew figured it out in 3 seconds. So...good luck! ha.

We did our first married Christmas yesterday! My husband way way way spoiled me! He even spent 2 hours after church yesterday watching Anne of Green Gables, part 1 with me. Although I'm not sure he would admit it, I'm pretty certain he liked it!

Cash and Jett
Jett, that spoiled boxer, loved his Christmas presents too. But he and Bequette fought over the new stuffed squirrel all day. That thing is going to be chewed to pieces before we leave Saturday to...GO. BACK. TO. ARKANSAS!!!!

What?! We have a new head coach!!!!!!! BRET BIELEMA, BABY!!! WOO PIG SOOOIEEEEE!!!!!!!!! One more party first though! Woot!!!! Here's to another awesome two weeks awaiting us! Love this time of year!!!


~Avery Jane~

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