Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello, Out There!

Well, HELLO! I have missed the ol' blogging world!!

So last Friday I was supposed to take my first big test for work, and I was super stressed out. Why? Glad you asked. Because if I don't pass this test, I lose my job. Ya, fo' real.

I've been studying for over 2 months now, and since my test last Friday was canceled I have it rescheduled for next Thursday. My nerves are shot, and I don't think I can be any more anxious than I have been for the past 3 weeks. But be anxious about nothing, right? I am reiterating that to myself as we speak.

The great news is that my parents are flying into town next Friday. HIP HIP HOORAY!! I haven't seen those cats since we were in Ruidoso. We're going to tailgate at the MHS football game that Friday night (Texas High School football, y'all!!) then have Thanksgiving with them on Saturday. I'm stoked!!

A few weeks ago Cash, his parents, and I joined Claytie to celebrate yet another birthday and another ranch party. It was fa-reezing! It was different this year than last because I didn't have the same amigos to hang out with. Nonetheless I got to meet so many neat people and enjoy some great food and entertainment.

Ranch Party 2012
 As always, it was great snuggling up next to this guy! He even looks like a cowboy with boots and a beard. I always knew I'd marry a cowboy. *sigh*

the in-laws
My in-laws are so much fun. Cash's dad works for Claytie too, so we get to hang out with them at the Ranch Party every year. I wouldn't know a soul in this town if it wasn't for them and Cash. My MIL is the closest friend I have here. When I hear people talk about their in-laws and stresses they have, I am just thankful I have in-laws I am so close to and who treat me so well. I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about them. (Plus, they raised some amazing sons!!!)

mariachi band
 As always---the mariachi band when you first arrive. I mean, that's just cool.

Clint Black
Last year it was the Oak Ridge Boys, but this year Clint Black took the stage. He did a GREAT job. Probably not as entertaining as the wonders of Elvira, but that guy flat out sang some tunes! At one point he sang "Desparado" and some guy looked at us and said, "I knew he'd sing that. It's like one of his biggest hits." Cash looked at the guy and said, "Funny, it was also a big hit for the Eagles."

Learn something new every single day!

Back in September we also got to attend the Pink Elephant Ball with the Republican Women of Midland County. I was a little nervous as I had never been to a "ball" before, but my mentor at work told me it was not what I was thinking. Some people would have on gowns, some cocktail dresses, etc. can guess who picked out my dress from the pictures below.

I need that big elephant to go with the rest of the decor in our house!

Gosh, I have a sexy husband. I do!
It was a fun night, and Cash was really working his arm during the auction. I thought we were going to come away from there with this elephant statue with different autographs on it. It was cool. Super cool. Laura Bush, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, all the TX delegation--tons of politicians had signed it. Congressman Conaway's wife ended up buying it, and I stopped her a few weeks later and asked if I could buy it from her b/c I felt so bad I made Cash quit bidding. She said yes and for me to call her, but actually pulling out the checkbook was making my stomach turn. I really should have though.

We went to their house a few weeks later to help during the VP debate. They had a watch party/fundraiser for the congressman. It was so much fun, and we met a couple from Oklahoma who had just moved to town. The man actually went to undergrad with me in Arkansas!!! We have become pretty good friends now, and they even met us at the Midland/Lee game last Friday night.

I also ran into a high school friend in the grocery store the other night! Here I am 600 miles from home and see a guy I went to HS with. Such a small world..and so stinkin' exciting!!

Well, my pretty little nieces are in town and I want to go see their faces. I have so many more fun things to share--including the hunting equipment pieces I've recently obtained, our new book club, and so on!! How much do I love working in the finance world all day then come home to talk politics and hunting (holla, Duck Dynasty). That's life, y'all, and I love it!!

Good luck to all the scenes up at Contran in Arkansas this weekend. Have a fun and safe hay ride!!! Miss that gang and wish I could be there with y'all. Send me pics! Much love.

Happy happy happy Thursday!!

Avery Jane

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