Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Today is a great day!! First, my manager came into my (semi) office today and told me I could leave. It wasn't even 2:00. I'm getting my own office tomorrow, so he said I could go find decor for it. I'll take it! So I went to Cash's office, duh, and took him a coke before I made my way home to look through my office supplies.

Plus, last night I got a package in the mail from my mom with our wedding pictures and video (plus, some great magazines and newspapers)! I decided that I'd break the wedding pictures up for 2 reasons: a) it won't be too much at once b) I can savor the moments a little longer.

Before the wedding my sister and I spent the morning getting ready. Cash went with the guys in his family and mine for a round of golf at Chamberlyne in Danville (claim to fame: John Daly plays there). From what I gather they had a blast. Different strokes for different folks (ha, pun intended).

My favorite restaurant is Taco Bell. I can sniff out a Meal Deal #4 from any corner of the globe. My sister ran to get us a bite to eat while LaDora finished up our hair. Nothing beats a burrito and doritos, even with a veil on your head.

My granny had let me borrow her grandmother's handkerchief, and inside it she attached the coin she wore when she and my Pa got married 54 years ago. I carried it around my bouquet; it was one of my favorite moments of the day.

My nephew can be a wild man, but he is also quite the charmer!! After the wedding he was bawling because I was moving. Inevitably that morning he had put on a show of hugs and kisses. I loved it!

I loved our flower arrangments!!!!! Scott's in Paris designed and created them; I was so pleased with how it all turned out. When I walked into the church, I was overwhelmed. He really outdid himself. He even used vines from my dad's muscadine vines in the arrangments and bouquets. I loved it!

Another favorite piece of decor was the guestbook table. We had our parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures along with their names and anniversaries lined along a vintage inspired table. All 6 couples either stayed married until one passed or are still married. Pretty awesome to have that legacy.

Of course Braeson and Addison had to be among the first to sign the guestbook. They look like the cutest little people I've ever seen. Adults in little bodies.

Then their photography session started. I know you all do not love them like I do, but I had to include this picture of them kissing on stage. I just fall to pieces over it.

Addison was almost as excited I was about the wedding. She couldn't wait to wear her dress and tiara, and boy did she look gorgeous. She beamed the whole day!

I love this candid shot of the two of us. She really soaked in the day, and I can't wait to watch her grow and be everything she dreams about.

Obviously my sister was my matron of honor. Since I wore flats and she wore 10 foot heels, she towered over me. She was stunning though, and I wouldn't have had anyone else in the world standing next to me.

Connor was one of our ring bearers, and he was loving on his Aunt Andrea. He's a goofball, and I couldn't quit laughing at him and Braeson. They are the same kid in a different body.

Another snapshot of me and Addi. This one might be my favorite; her face just says it all.

Of course Lena was a flower girl too, and both of the girls looked precious. I can't believe how big they have gotten since Cash and I first started dating. When I first met Cash's family, Lena was Toby's age now. Unbelievable.

Cash's mom got him ready to go, even though he was running LATE from his golf game. I knew about him being a little late, and I didn't even freak out...too bad.

No words. No words. My husband and my brother-in-law. Words just wouldn't do this justice.

Uncle Cashy and his sweet little nieces--they are lucky and so is he. I love this picture, because Lena looks plum thrilled to be sitting there.

My mom and Addi---ahh, 2 of the people I miss the most. Addi loves her Nana.

We picked younger people to be at the guest book and be ushers. Since I taught school and was close to a couple of kids and Cash had younger cousins, we thought that would suit us best. I loved having them in the wedding. While we have wonderful friends, it was awesome to see how excited the younger ones were to be a part of something they look forward to in their lives one day. They were great!

I wanted a picture with my mom and Granny, and I also wanted it to involve our wedding rings. I just love everything that is behind this picture--a lot of years of love.

That is one gorgeous little flower girl! Right before I walked down the aisle, I was trying to show Lena to walk with Addison. She just kept saying, "Abee, I got new shoes!" I just had to laugh. In her mind the big moment taking place was the fact she was getting to wear her new shoes. Precious!

Our attendants (big and small) were all wonderful, and it was great to be able to spend the day with them. I know my family had a great time golfing with Cash and his family that day; in fact, my cousin Brent still texts Cash inside jokes about their trip. It was just amazing to see our families come together and for me to realize that they are one now. I feel like our wedding day summed up the lives we lead before we found each other and epitomized how wonderfully God crafted those lives to come together.

Everything leading up to the ceremony was pure blessing from God, especially the flood of rain we got during the middle of a drought. Unbelievable. His loves pours out.

So glad y'all spent the day reminiscing with me--can't wait to show you pictures of the moment! Until then...


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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding. I'm sure it was beautiful. Hope you're enjoying married life!