Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Okay

It's okay that...

  • the "it's okay" blog link-up is something I'm really not interested in doing, so this is my stand alone post.
  • I'm about to convince my husband to buy me a Merrill Lynch cycling jersey.
  • I get irritated looking at pinterest, because all it makes me want to do is eat a sprinkle covered chocolate donut.
  • I just finished our thank-you letters.
  • I'm just ready to go to work and kick this test in the behind.
  • I fell on my bike a few nights ago. In front of a group of kids and a truck that couldn't turn until I peeled myself off the pavement.
  • I e-mail my husband throughout the day, call him every morning at work, eat lunch with him, call him every afternoon, sometimes make a pitstop at his office, and spend the evening with him. Every day. We're newlyweds.
  • all I think about are chocolate chip cookies and Lucky Charms.
  • I went through a box of Lucky Charms in a week's time.
  • last night we went to the hospital to see Beth and Trevor's new baby!!! She said I could use the foam on the wall to wash my hands. I kept pulling and pulling on the dispenser. Come to find out you are to pull OUT not DOWN. Then it was the joke that I was "no longer on the farm milking cows." Ridiculous.
  • I'm excited about some opportunities for organizations around here...but more excited that one is having a clay shoot.
  • I'm still thinking about Lucky Charms. Off to HEB.

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