Friday, July 6, 2012

15 Random Lessons

Ya know what wedding planning has taught me?

1. When people say a church will get struck by lightning, it can happen. Our organ is kapoop thanks to aforementioned lightning. My bad for marrying a Lutheran in a Baptist church?

2. RSVPs have no real meaning. Some people will never even consider sending them back. Some people, huhhmmm President and Mrs. George W. Bush, will send theirs in late. (Hey...we got one from them, and I couldn't be more excited!!) But in the end, my original calculations for amount of people and how many would order what menu item was almost dead on. I could've saved us some stamps! So note to self, no need for RSVPs even when you're hosting a dinner. Especially when you invite your cousin from Oklahoma and she asks what an RSVP means.

3. Somehow in 3 years I've crammed a million little things into a 3 bedroom house. Now to pack it all seems the most daunting task of all.

4. The grass is not always greener on the other side. In fact Midland doesn't really have any grass at all! But sometimes you can find the beauty even in the desert.

5. Oil prices may be the death of me. I probably need to delete my commodities app on my phone. It officially now gets checked more than facebook and e-mail combined.

6. My aunt MaryKaye is the single most fascinating woman I know. To her everyone is "beautiful" and "precious" and I wish I was like her in every single way.

7. Cash is fascinated with all things European: he played rugby for 7 years, he bought me a sapphire engagement ring, he has Scottish friends coming to our wedding. I'm fascinated with all things simple: I've been laying out in the creek to get a tan, I forgot to set out extra clothes when I packed my house so I'm wearing the same outfit for the 3rd day in a row, I have Amish friends coming to our wedding.

8. The only way I know how to describe our honeymoon destination is by saying, "The Bush's have a summer home there." At that point everyone thinks you're going to Kennebunkport to spy on the Bush's despite the fact it was your only way of relating the place to mentioned person. It's lose-lose, but for the record we are not going to Maine to see the Bush family. However, we wouldn't be mad if it happened.

9. It's high time I start learning traditions in Texas: what you do the night before the wedding, how to host a shower, etc. It sure is different than here.

10. Nothing ever anywhere will trump living in Jethro, Arkansas. Nine days left of it--most bittersweet feeling of my life.

11. And to the student who asked what color my wedding dress is: the answer is white. To the people reading this who are asking the same question I did (what else would it be?): the answer is camoflauge apparently, just like her aunt's.

12. To add to that. My MIL got a phone call last week from a relative in South Texas who said she had heard from someone in their town that Arkansas has very windy roads and it's hard to drive there and would they be safe. I don't even know where to go with that one...but when you hear banjos, turn around.

13. Well, don't really turn around. You'll hear plenty of banjo at our reception. Holla!! And I promise not to have squealing pigs or canoes. Mkk?

14. Literally taking over 500 bridal pictures seemed like a terrible idea. Yet I picked #518. Why didn't we just start with that pose, huh?

15. After 26 years I should realize taking 4 hour naps only leads to writing pointless blog posts at midnight. Guhhh.



  1. Avery - this post made me die laughing. :) well, not the lightening hitting the church organ part (I'm so sorry to hear that), but I can share in the humor of some of the comments that people have made to you and your MIL and the packing part. My fiancé is moving in to my *tiny* apartment after the wedding. I've only been there for a year, but I feel like I've accumulated years worth of "stuff".

  2. We invited George and Barbara Bush to our wedding because we're (legitimately) pen pals. Unfortunately they couldn't make it, BUT JUST THINK IF THEY HAD!! Glad I found someone who likes the Bush family like I do. ;) Oh,we went to Kennebunkport a few years ago and it is gorgeous!

    (ps.Found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I met my husband there too!)