Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When did this happen?

Sure, I write a lot about the wedding these days. It's just hard to get over how this...

Jeanne's blog on 1-21-2011

...became this...

"wedding" bedroom
How I went from being a teacher in rural Arkansas to being in the finance world in West Texas. How I went from griping about gas prices to hoping the price of barrels of oil stays up. How I went from riding 4-wheelers for a good time to riding in planes to see my beau. How I went from truly feeling I would be single my whole life to being 18 days away from our wedding. Seriously. When did this happen? You dream about things. You talk about "one day". And then all of a sudden you wake up and those dreams are really real and that one day is right here right now.

The coolest thing about getting married, in my opinion, is dreaming together now. We talk about things we want to do, houses we would like to live in, vacations we want to go on. Life is deeper, richer with someone the right person to live it with.

As I am in the teens on our countdown, I reflect on these 26 amazing years in Arkansas. I'll probably never be a resident of this state ever again. Wow, that's kind of hard to take. Go Hogs, Woo Pig, Razorbacks...I don't know. It'll be weird being so far away from the hoopla this fall, not being at all the basketball games this winter, not driving up the hill to baseball games next spring.

The last few days I've been going to town (literally) to grab some stuff for the wedding and run errands. It's inevitable I run into someone I know: getting medicine for my dog, leaving Wal-Mart, discussing balloons at the local pharmacy. It's going to be hard to adjust from my small hometown with 3,500 people to a new home with over 100,000. I've had hoards of people shout out congratulations when I would pass them in the store, because they saw our picture in the paper or my name on the sign at the pharmacy. What a blessing it's been to be born and raised in the precious place!

But I just can't help but realize that God gave me the courage to write that little note on that little blog all those months ago just to land us in this place at this time together. Somehow, in this big ol' world, God found a way to introduce little ol' us. It's just incredible to me. I have to praise Him that a picture on a blog became the face I will look at while I say my vows. Wow, wow. How "this" became "this" is an incredible journey and an incredible story, a story I'm so proud God penned just for us.

Here's to the countdown...


  1. Aww, Avery this made me a little teary :) I've been reading your blog since i was scrolling Kelly's that day. I wanted to checkup on some of the comments bc it was interesting and kept reading yours realizing it worked.
    Congratulations and many blessings to you guys.
    It encourages me to see you have your dreams realized bc I'm very much in a position where I feel I'll be single forever & like there can't be that great of a guy out there for me.

  2. Oh, man, do I know where you're coming from. Before I met Cash, a good friend of mine gave me a sign for my house that said, "Faith is not knowing God can, it is knowing God will." That had a huge impact on me...because it really stretched how much faith I would have that God would deliver. It wasn't through a story I thought was reasonable or a reality I ever knew; it was so much more than what I could've imagined. It will happen for you--just have the faith that God will. Best wishes!