Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Savings: A Pause in Time

For several months now I have looked forward to Sundays (when I've been available) to share with y'all tips on saving in various faucets of life. This is NOT me cancelling this portion of my blog, but I do have to pause it for several months. Hopefully it will all work out to be a good thing!

As a teacher I just had basic things to share with you on saving money--personal experiences and what I've learned in 26 years--nothing job related. However, I have eluded several times to this new job I will be starting and you all know it's not in education.

I have actually been offered a job in the finance world and jumped on the idea. It's no secret how much I love finance and econ! In fact it was my first major in college, and I have regretted not staying with it since I started teaching. So to have this opportunity presented to me is a dream I can barely even believe is becoming reality.

However, that being said I know that laws will be different for me now actually being in the field and giving financial advice. Until I get all of my tests taken, understand more of my new position, and get a better grasp on how the law now pertains to me I felt it was best to suspend Sunday Savings. Hopefully I will have more regular and better tips to share with y'all as the process unfolds, but I wanted to cover all the bases to protect myself up front.

I can't wait to share more of the dirty deets with y'all!! You all have been so sweet with your words, and I have loved the little messages I have gotten as I've started the process of finding a new job, getting married, and moving to a new state. Thank you for sharing this portion of my life with me. My goal is to take this next step in life (yes, lots of steps being taken right now!!), hit it out of the ballpark, and learn more than I can possibly conceive to learn right now.

Thank y'all for always being there to listen read as I put my life on this little ol' blog. I hope somehow it inspires you to never give up hope and stay connected to your dreams. It's hard to believe mine are all becoming reality, but the Lord did promise He would give me the desires of my heart if I believed in Him. Wow, He really has pitched 3 curve balls in a row, and I couldn't be more thankful! Be blesssed!


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