Friday, June 22, 2012

Bicycle Built for Two

Oh yeah, two weeks ago now we had a couple's shower in Texas! I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to writing about it, because it was such a fun night! Never in my life will I ever be able to show the gratitude for the friends and family we have and everything they have done for my mom who started at 7:30 this morning putting our center pieces together. Seriously. Cash and I have it made with the love we receive!
Cash's mom has an awesome group of friends who definitely know how to throw a shower. I can't really describe it in words very well, so I'm just going to start with the picture party...

When we got there the front yard was decorated with these signs. I couldn't keep my jaw off the ground.

Isn't that a cute sign in the tree? I love it!

They made the P with a bicycle chain (our theme was Bicycle Built for Two) and afterwards they let us have it. Cash said he'd put it up by the pool...won't that be cute?

Haha. I crack up every time I look at the picture they used for the cake. Cash loves cycling..and he loves bowties. His little cousin even said, "Cash, that looks like you!" Crack. Me. Up.

These were probably my favorite of the whole night! They had a plethora of coozies with our names on them and the same picture as the cake. I love them!! In fact when I saw them I shrieked and ran up to my mom and said, "Look! Look!" like I was in 2nd grade and it was Christmas.

The bicycle theme was everywhere!

A view of the backyard. It was just such a fun, relaxed night with so many of our Midland friends.

I do have to say, though, as an Arkansan moving to Texas I often get made fun of. Here Steve is no doubt harassing me. I get made fun of for my accent, which I can kind of understand. But I also get teased about my lack of shoes and branches in my family tree, which is all completely untrue! ha. I probably egg it on some though, like the night I told Steve's BIL that I only drink moonshine. My Arkansas friends aren't innocent though. They do their own share of teasing about my new home.

We started taking pictures by all the signs...

Would you have ridden this thing? Well, I didn't want to in a dress! Maybe it would've been a great picture..but some pictures just aren't worth it.

We had BBQ sliders for dinner, and everything was sooo good! I still can't get over how nice everything was.

my parents!
Going with the theme, they started handing out some bicycle sunglasses. My parents were good sports!

MIL, me, Mom
 I do have a great mother-in-law and mother! The very, very best!

Awww, my niece can actually look adorable in hers!

When we started cutting the cake, Connor started telling me which slice he most preferred.

They also had homemade ice cream in little mason jars! I just loved it!

Addi and Cash's cousin Mia started playing together and drawing their families. You can see Mia's large family on the left! ha. They played all night, then the next morning after church they were sitting there just chatting. I asked Addison what they had to say and she replied, "We were talking about going to eat together and how we're going to the same place." True story. We did go to brunch at Wall St.

Seriously! This was another great part! Haylie made us a scrapbook, and everyone signed the little slips of paper as they came in. I didn't even realize they had this set up until they handed it to us at the end. I was also amazed by the amount of people who came to celebrate with us! Several of Cash's co-workers, including his boss, came. And I even had a co-worker there!! Granted, he's Cash's friend and we haven't technically worked together YET, but we will by the end of July!

Honestly, thinking back, I'm not sure I've ever seen so many geologists in one place. I can count 7 off the top of my head. What is that? ha. Every geologist from Clayton Williams was there; I just realized that. That's pretty awesome that Cash has such great co-workers. Concho even had 2 geologists there...way to represent, Concho! haha. That's the difference in West Texas and Western Arkansas: occupations are tremendously different. When people wonder why I'm not teaching anymore, well, it's hard to explain when they've never experienced the world of Midland, Texas.

And the gifts...last but not least. Cash got a ton of tools including sawhorses, drills, even a chainsaw!! And he got a a remarkable amount of gift cards from Lowe's to get more! I was so excited for him, because he really wanted some tools (especially the chainsaw--he talked about it for weeks). We also received a million things for the house: dishes, luggage, a new comforter, a KITCHEN-AID MIXER, all of our towels (ALL of them--bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths), a lot of serving dishes...seriously it was so, so, so wonderful. I probably was most surprised by the mixer, but everything was my favorite! We left it all at Cash's house of course, but I wish I was able to go through it everyday. I'm still in shock by all the love!

The next morning we went to church (my family's first time in a Lutheran church!! and perhaps that calls for a post of its own), and then we went to Wall Street for brunch. Ugh...just to have a cinnamon roll right now would be amazing. I hated leaving, because it was the last time I was getting to see Cash UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! In case you are wondering, that's 5 weeks apart.

I am so ready for the festivities to begin. It's been wedding work and more wedding work since we've gotten back. It really has been a lot of fun planning and enjoying the whole process. I had promised myself those 26 years I was single that when I did get married that I wouldn't be a bridezilla; I would enjoy it because I waited so long for it. There have been a few things I've been upset about, but when I get like that I try to remember what it's all about--and when you go without that 1 thing for 5 weeks, it's easy to refocus on the big day. As of today...22 more days!!! It seems like it will never get here! Until then I'll just keep busy and hound my friends for their RSVPs. Turn them in, people!! :) Love y'all.


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