Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is this dripping from the sky??

I'm waiting for Cash to get off work. you know, since I just finished a 10 hour drive by myself why not blog first? In case you need a few reasons why I am sitting in West Texas with a pool out back and me all cooped up inside, here are a few:

1. Cash lives across the street from a junior high school. It is my day off work, and quite frankly just seeing kids walk home from school as I was pulling up made me glad it was my day off work.

2. The sky opened and God unleashed a little wet fury on Midland/Odessa today which is actually the answer to many, many prayers. We're in the middle of a drought out here, which has led to the decrease in watering to 2 hours per house per week and to the use of only 10,000 gallons of water per house per month. Water bills are about to get crazy. So glad we'll have a pool to keep full during this time. Ugh.

3. Because I came to town during the one time it has rained in the past 2 years, temperatures are much lower than they typically are in mid-May. For instance, last Spring Break I laid out by the pool everyday. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do since I didn't bring a jacket. BFF Les just called, and she's about to head to Budapest, Hungary. And, well, I'm going to miss her. So later gators. See y'all after the weekend...

Avery Jane

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