Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome to Our World

Have you ever wondered, "Cash and Avery live so far apart. How in the world can that be fun?" No? You haven't? Well, I'll tell show you anyway.

When you have miles between you, your fiance, your sister and her family, your parents, and most of your friends, then you learn to be thankful that some geek invented picture messaging. Enjoy our thankful-for-geeks-inventing-picture-messaging moments...

So what? I love Amish people and may or may not have "Amish" as my religious preference on Facebook. What does my sister do? She illegally takes pictures of these little Amish girls playing at a local park, sends them to me, and says, "Hmmmm...reminds me of you." That may be because I told an entire comedy club in Destin, Florida that I was Amish back in 2008. I hope none of you were there.

 Cash was really excited to go turkey hunting with my family and me this Spring. While he was in San Antonio one weekend, he went and got all geared up. What does that entail? A new gun, camo'd, of course. A turkey hunting vest. A net. Ohhhhppp, and a slate turkey call since he had no idea how to call a turkey. Then he went and "set up on a turkey" by his niece's playset and let his brother take a picture. I was leaving a Jewish Seder when I noticed my phone was blowing up. Laughter. Could. Not. Subside.

 He really did get to go turkey hunting with us a few weeks later. And that slate call came in handy...AND...he actually got pretty good...AND...he even bought another call a couple of weeks ago. He actually can do it really well, and I can't even get a creak on it. Baaaaa.

Another one from the big sis: Braeson was SO HUNGRY yet SO SLEEPY. What is a kid to do? 

And, as of today, May 22, 2012, we have an official kindergarten graduate in our family!!!! Little Brae rocked the stage as you can obviously tell. He is too much like his grandpa, though. He asked his teacher for some harder math problems to work on over the summer. What? Do people not enjoy summers these days?? Where do students like this come from? Mine won't even do their work during the school year. They sure don't ask for homework over the summer! Someone give the kid a ticket to the swimming pool or something. He needs to get out more.

Speaking of summer break...this time tomorrow I'll be on mine!

Do you have moments when you receive a picture and just burst out into laughter at the most inopportune times?

Avery Jane

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