Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Blues

I'm sitting here waiting for Cash and his parents to finally make it to Arkansas. To say I'm excited about the weekend is an understatement---I'm so pumped to look at venues for rehearsal dinner and for our parents to finally meet! Yesterday I said something about that, and a co-worker asked why they had never met. Hello, we live 600 miles apart!! Anyway, I couldn't be more excited for the weekend!

Plus, we took the 8th graders to a career fair today. It's actually interesting listening to the speakers---if the kids would just listen. Right now I'm put out with their behavior today. Plus, sweating through 90 degree heat and watching them act the way they did...uhhh...I'm just over it right now.

Although the kids might have been rotten today, I will say I have some of the best co-workers I could've ever asked for. It makes me so sad to think about leaving them in just 3 weeks!! I have 3 weeks left of being a teacher. I don't even know what to make of that right now.

Yesterday the school gave me a shower. Instead of gifts I would have to lug down to Texas, they showered us with gift cards and cash. I was blown away by the abundance of love--we are so, so blessed. My friend Kim came over from the high school and was writing all the gifts down for me when she turned and said, "You are having an amazing shower!!!" She was so right. I'm just blown away by the sweetness.

And one of our faculty members is the best cake lady in the area. She made a cake just for us--white with blue swirls all over it and some red roses on it. Her husband also made the money tree; he spray painted it navy and white. Seeing the colors on the table made me even more excited about the wedding; I'm so glad we picked the nautical look. It makes me more ready for Maine every day!

Two more much as I need a nap I guess I better pack instead. No Sunday Savings this week--forgive me as we are spending time with our parents! :) Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

Avery Jane

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