Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Did Not Feel Like the First Day of Summer

Summer break: cookouts, days on the lake, late night fishing, floating the Mulberry, night riding on the 4-wheelers...
Except it never happens like that on the first day out, does it?

I've been sick the past several days, so my doctor had scheduled a CT scan for me at 8 this morning. Therefore, I got up early to get ready and drink this terrible, awful, chalky white mixture. I drank and drank and drank and asked Mom to pull over because it was about to travel back up the path it went down. It didn't, though, and we continued on our way.

Once we got there they had to get the IV in me, which took 4 different needles and about 15 minutes of them prodding INSIDE my arms in various locations. After they figured it out, I stood up only to nearly pass out. And my fears came true--right there in the ER with my mom and the nurse holding my hair and an IV sticking out of my arm, the chalky mixture met the trashcan. Pleasant scene. and smells.

We finally got the CT scan done and headed out to take care of business. First stop--flower shop. Holy cow, flowers are expensive. I don't even know how else to say it. Second stop--getting the candles and jars, which were super cheap and a nice alternative to the flowers. Third stop--stopping by Whitson Morgan to talk to our ol' buddy Patrick who is letting us use one of their fab vehicles for FREE for the day of the wedding. Since we are only having 1 attendant each, we didn't want to get a limo but still wanted something nice and fixed up. Patrick says he'll be looking for us a Jaguar that is large enough for all of us. Suuu-weet!! But we'll be happy with any of it since he's totally just letting us use it for the day.

Fourth stop--picking up invitations. Everything was perfect on them except one part, and I'm not even going to focus on it. I promised myself no tears on trivial things. The people we love will be there even if I am not in love with the invitations.

We also some exciting news!!! My friend Craig has been booked to DJ our wedding ever since we got engaged. If you know Craig, you know he is HILARIOUS!!! A few summers ago he randomly decided to teach a bunch of our friends how to swing dance, so we all got really into that and started swing dancing every Thursday night. Two of them ended up getting married after meeting at swing dance!!

Craig is nuts--in a fun way. He's the guy who will make your side hurt from laughing too hard. During the days he works on his baseball ministry in the Dominican Republic and at nights he is the lead singer for his new band Doo Froogly. They are sick! I love going to watch them!! But...last night Craig was also named as the first ever Arkansas CW star for the entire next year. What?! Our DJ is now a star?! It's true...

Craig is seriously the CW Star--watch this video!

I was kind of worried they would have him super busy, and he'd have to miss the big day. However, he sent me a message today saying he already gave his manager his schedule and that he's pumped about the wedding. Cash said it perfectly, "I hope he'll be able to DJ for all the autographs he'll be giving!" haha. Man, I'm getting so excited. We are going to have a blast at the reception!!! Yeah, when I think about that the invitations don't really seem to matter anymore.

On a completely different note: When we were meeting with the cake lady a few weeks ago, I asked for one layer of the wedding cake to be strawberry. My mom flipped, "What? You don't even like strawberry cake. You can't have that on wedding cake..." I haven't lived with my parents in 8 years. And my defense was that I didn't know I had to run it by her to try strawberry cake and like it. So it's been the running joke since then that "You can't like strawberry cake, because Mom didn't know you did." And what did she buy at the store today to help me feel better? Strawberry cake. I just took it out of the oven, and it is smelling like I need to go eat some.

So early shout out to the reception---I'll be married to my favorite person in the world, we're have a star for a DJ, and we'll be serving strawberry cake. What more could a girl ask for?? :)

Avery Jane

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