Monday, May 7, 2012

Ohhhh Weekend, Come Backkkk

Mondays stink. Mondays in which Cash leaves stink even more. But...the loneliness after he leaves is a good reminder of how wonderful it is to be with him.

We did SO MUCH this weekend, and the only picture I had was so dark that you couldn't even tell what it was. Engagement pictures coming soon though!

Friday night Cash and his parents met me at my house, and we went to Catfish Hole for dinner. It was a last option for rehearsal dinner, but we wanted to try it out just in case. While we were there, the superintendent from Ozark was sitting with his family in a sectioned off area. We waved at one another, and when I turned around I realized his sister was with him. His sister wrote a few books that were published not too long ago, and I had bought one for Cash's mom for Christmas; so it was neat to show her the author of the book I had given her.

After getting to my parents' house and the initial meeting of the parents (which went really well I might add..shoosh! ;) ), we stuffed ourselves with the 1,098,402 desserts my mom had made. My mom is seriously the greatest hostess, because she's always throwing food and drinks at you. And they're always super delicious.

The next morning she made us a huge breakfast (yes, we ate a ton this weekend), then we hit the road to Clarksville to check out some hotels and another spot for rehearsal dinner. After we got the rooms blocked off, we ate at the Pasta Grill. It was so so so so good, but we were worried the area would be a little small for rehearsal dinner. Apparently, the etiquette is you invite out of town guests. So if we added any of those guests into our count, we were going to spill out of the restaurant.

My parents ended up meeting us at Wiederkehr's for the tour and wine tasting. The tour? Notice we aren't writing home about it. The wine tasting? Now that was an adventure! My parents are very conservative Baptists (and I love that about them), so they just watched us and asked questions. We found several wines we liked, even one that was so good that we decided it shouldn't be an option so that people would not drink too much of it. I had bought Cash a bottle of it at Christmas time, but we never opened it up because it was about 5 bucks. However, when we tasted it Saturday we were all wondering why we hadn't yet discovered that little jewel.

After Wiederkehr's we had plenty of time to kill. We had eaten a big breakfast and big lunch, so we weren't quite ready to head to Rivertowne. We gave Cash's mom a tour of big ol' Ozark (pop. 3,500), the Arkansas River, and Aux Arc Park. My dad's uncle happened to be camping at the park, so we got to introduce them to some real Arkansas Hillbillies. Real ones.

For dinner we stopped in at Rivertowne BBQ, which I have mentioned many many times is my absolute favorite place to eat! Luckily, they are adding on 2 different rooms to be rented out for things like rehearsal dinners. Hopefully they will be done by mid-July, because it received a unanimous vote on the best place for July 13. I was thrilled---I love Rivertowne. In fact I told a co-worker today that the only exciting thing about today was that I was having Rivertowne leftovers for lunch.

When we got home, we took Cash and his mom over to meet some of our neighbors via 4-wheelers. Do you remember the story I told about my parents' neighbors who have a nephew that randomly works with Cash and are good friends of his parents? Well, we went over to see those neighbors. That story still amazes me.

So after we left the neighbors' house, we headed down to the Mulberry River to catch a glimpse at the water level. Apparently some backwoods yay-hoos decided to have themselves too good of a time, and one of them walked out to talk to my mom and Cash's mom who were sharing a 4-wheeler. He literally stumbled over and said, "I just have oneeee question. If you were on a bus full of lesbians, would you get off?" That happened. That really happened. Finally we got out of there, and I looked at Cash and said, "Can you seriously believe our MOMS were asked that?! hahahahaha" Funny afterwards---completely awkward in the meantime.

Sunday we went to church, and to be honest I was most nervous about this part of the weekend. Since Cash and his parents are Lutheran, I was a little worried about the Baptist church I was taking them to. But of course all went well, and service didn't even last 2 full hours. ;)

The cake lady met us back at Wiederkehrs where we were having lunch, and she was on top of it! We were very pleased with the prices and designs of the cakes. I honestly had not had anything in mind for the wedding cake...just knew I wanted it simple. I was going to just let Cash talk to her yesterday. Well, in the time we spent with her we not only got Cash's cake ordered but also the wedding cake. And for an extremely great cost I might add!

We also got to go in the Weingarten and visit with one of the ladies in charge. She showed us pictures of it decorated, and it just relieved any anxiety I had been having. We opted for a dinner, which will be served by a full wait staff. The place is so unique that little decoration has to be done. And the bar area seriously is one of the neatest things I've seen. After visiting with her I felt everything was coming together perfectly and I couldn't be more excited about the wedding!!

Afterwards we met the photographer for engagement pictures. We took them in downtown Van Buren, so I felt pretty safe that no one I really knew would see us. Wrong! 1st period this morning a student said, "Miss K, I saw you and Cash taking pictures in Van Buren yesterday." Oh heavens. I pray it wasn't when he was trying to be Mr. Photogenic and dipping me over and laying a big one on me. Yes, my fiance who hates both pictures and PDA did this at multiple random times throughout the session. But, hey, no complaints here. ;)

When we got back to my parents' house, my mom had convinced his parents that she could teach them how to catch chicken chokers. Oh my stars. My initial thought was that they had finally encountered exactly what they thought they would find in Arkansas. But in the end it was Big Russ who was the sole catcher of a chicken choker. Things like this really happen in our lives.

This morning I was down in the dumps knowing they were about to leave. After breakfast Cash rode back with me to Alma just so we could hang out for another 30 minutes, and his parents picked him up there. They left right before I left for work, and the tears started streaming. Oh, how I hate when he leaves. But my friend gave me the neatest reminder this morning when I got to work: next time I see Cash I will no longer be a teacher. That and we'll get to spend 2 weeks together. Now that's something to get me through the next 3 weeks of teaching!! Hope y'all have a good one...

Avery Jane

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