Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Calling All Ladies!

Today I need your help!

The past four years I've been teaching public school as many of you know. While I try to dress for the job, often times that entails slacks and a polo or cardigan since I am constantly up and down and around. my dad says...I dress like an uppity teenager. And that has been just perfect for what I've done my entire professional career. Well, until now.

Now I'm trying to get a corporate job working with pretty high net worth individuals. That means I have to look and dress the part. Before interviews last Friday I was able to snag this outfit. Cash even helped me find a new purse! ha. I just didn't feel like my oversized Vera Bradley was going to work as I walked around in a business dress outfit in the downtown area.

And excuse my hair---this was the night before. Cash took the picture so I could get my dad's approval before my interviews. I was VERY NERVOUS, especially because it's a new environment altogether for me. My dad has much more experience in the corporate world, so I was really leaning on my 2 main guys for some help here.

Anyway, I felt confident with this outfit. I just need help, because I don't know where to shop?! How do you mix it up? I seriously don't want to wear black and midnight blue everyday. What do you ladies wear in the corporate world?? And one more question--how do you typically wear your hair? I've been able to get up late and throw it up for 4 years. I can't do that anymore, but I also find it hard to wear my hair down all day everyday. HELPPPP!!!!

Thanks ahead of time...and seriously give me some feedback here. Later!

Avery Jane

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