Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Weeks, 5 Days, and Counting

This weekend I was giddy about having less than eight weeks before the I Do's. Then I had to back it on up and rejoice that I only have 3 2 days of school left. And those are semester test days!!

Praise the Lord.

Cash is coming in this weekend, and I get to go back with him to Midland!!!! We've NEVER made that trip TOGETHER, so I'm stoked. Please put your name in the pot for bets on if we'll survive the 10 hour drive. haha.

We are actually stopping in Dallas for the night so that we can go shopping on Monday. I get to buy a whole new wardrobe for my new job, and I'm a little nervous. I don't know what to wear! By the way, y'all didn't help me out at all on the business outfits. It's okay if you still want to throw some ideas my way. ;)

Today I actually wanted to share some pictures. We took our engagement pictures 2 weekends ago, and I got to sift through them this weekend. After putting them on facebook, I've narrowed it down to our favorites and the facebook favorites. And will someone tell my fiance he does NOT look like a board? That's all he will say about the pictures, "I look like a board." Even if he does, it's the best durn looking board I've ever seen! Chat at y'all later...enjoy the picture fiesta!

See, he doesn't look like a board. He looks like...wait for it (holla, How I Met Your Mother)...wait for it...A HANDSOME GEOLOGIST!!! Okay. Cancel my trip to Midland next week. Cash might have just broken up with me. hahaha. Just kidding of course.

Avery Jane


  1. I know I don't look like an actual board, I look "stiff as a board". And it's pretty obvious, I think you're the only one that doesnt see it.