Friday, April 20, 2012

With these 2 spare minutes...

I just wanted to announce that I'm still alive and kickin'. Last weekend Cash flew in, and we got to take him turkey hunting for his first time! I love turkey camp, but it was even better getting to have Cash there! Plus, it was my family's first time to get to see him since we've been engaged. Crazy.

Sunday afternoon we just went around Fort Smith waiting for him to catch his plane, then I noticed the flight got delayed. Then it got cancelled. My prayers were answered!! :)

So he got to stay in Arkansas for another night. The next day he brought me lunch to work, and it was a nice little break in the day. Most couples probably get that privilege whenever they want, but we never get to see each other during the work week. A few more months though. A few more months!!!

I delivered my presentation at school last night. Let's just say that we have a 3 hour class in which we are the sole presenter. Most of the classes this semester we have gotten out in an hour and a half. Last night we got out twenty minutes early. Either an epic fail at keeping my classmates really long or an epic success on giving them their money's worth for their education. I choose the latter. Or as my fiance said, "I can barely even believe you talked that long."


Yesterday I also spent the day at the Arkansas City Manager's Meeting. It was eye-opening and informative. All in all I learned A TON about how to deal with constituents as well as emergency management. Plus, I got to meet some neat people. I was hoping to do the social hour touring the Naturals ballpark and getting in the batting cages, but it started at 5. My class was at 6. So bummer. My professor said I should've skipped. ha. I don't think he would've really said that had I actually done it.

Instead I went and got my hair cut by the wonderful Natalie Jo. I'm a little biased since she has been one of my greatest friends since high school. And I just love her to death. She put a toner in my hair that made it all one color again. Remember when I dyed my hair red last summer? You could still see a sting of it, so she made it all natural for the upcoming nuptials.

So it's crazy around here right now. Next week my literature review is due. What?! I have spent several nights taking notes on various texts, but I have to hit it hard this weekend. Oh my lanta. I can do this.

To add to that we have State History Day in central Arkansas tomorrow. Maaa....we are leaving at 6 in the morning. I'm hoping I get to do some work while waiting for the kids to finish their presentations. It's going to be a busy weekend in my neck of the woods.

After my paper I have a take-home final to finish by May 3. And then it's off to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!! The school is doing a little wedding shower that afternoon and then the next day Cash and his parents are coming into town to check out some rehearsal venues. And we have engagement pictures that weekend!

Basically, once I wrap up grad school for the semester I'll have just a few weeks of work left. Most of that will just be end of year activities and programs. Woop! Woop! Off to start that paper on this drizzly Friday night.

Avery Jane

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