Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I've Learned From Wedding Planning

What a fun past month and some odd days!! I've had a blast planning our wedding (or the little bit I've gotten to do), and I'm pumped that a week from today I'll be loosed from the bonds of grad school for the summer. And that means one thing: I get to focus on getting marriedddddd!!!!!

I'm a little bit excited about July 14 if you can't tell.

With all the things going on, I was bound to learn something. And you know what that means--I'm bound to share it with the blog world. Because a girl who met her soon to be husband on a blog can't plan their wedding without some sort of blogging about it. Right? Right.
  1. There are approximately 7,391 ways to word invitations, RSVPs, and programs. Out of these 7,391 ways you have to choose 1. Good luck.
  2. When frog tape doesn't do what it's designed to and instead rips off all the painting you've already done (maybe this has happened. maybe it has not.) on your altar decor, well, then you have one solution left: Her name is Mom. My mom seriously is a genius. I was almost in tears last night as we just couldn't get the painting on the decor to work. I mean, it was bad. We had white paint all over blue paint which was chipping off. It was bad. What does my mom think up? Let's try press 'n seal. And wa-lah!! Y'all, it's magic. Patent pending.
  3. If you're in grad school and get engaged, you really can plan a wedding, write a 15 page literature review on religion and politics, give a 3 hour presentation on presidential elections from 1980-2008, and complete your final. Well, you may have to set back the wedding planning for a few weeks. But it can be done--where there's a will, there's a way.
  4. It's okay to take pictures of yourself in every possible engagement outfit and send them to your fiance so you match. If you have one like I do, he'll tell you you're not dressed up enough.
  5. It's also okay to take pictures of yourself to see if your ring is visible in day-to-day operations. Proof:
Just making sure the blue on blue was seeable. :)
      6.   I suggest going with a solid realtor, and more preferably a solid real estate market. Hello, Alma, Arkansas?! Anyone needing a house out there? Someone please buy this house. It really is a wonderful place!!! And I admit I got teary eyed in the realtor's office--both when I bought it and when I put it on the market. ha.

     7.    Sure, take a trip to your parents' house every single weekend of your life. They won't care, especially when you are about to move 600 miles away. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
my one friend in Jethro, Arkansas
     8.    When you have your hair on top of your head all day (first picture) and literally pull it down after a solid 12 hour run at it. Well, you look like Medusa. (Words straight from the fiance. Sweet, huh?)
    9. If you're relocating and wanting to find a job, go to an area that has 2 of the 13 top cities with the best market to find a job. Read that article today. Guess who 2 of these 13 cities were? Midland and Odessa. Guess where I am moving? Yep, there. Guess who can't find a job? Me. And do you know why? The only thing I know about oil is that I spend about $70 every time I fill up my 4Runner. That's a start though, right?

   10.  And for crying outloud go get yourself a manicure, a massage, a new dress, dinner out, a movie ticket, a dance show ticket, all of the above!! Oh, and of course, take a day off work to take your grandpa to an appointment (while there make sure to remind him your wedding is definitely on a Saturday and not a Tuesday or else he'll tell your entire kin you are getting married on Tuesday, July 24 in which all named kin will respond with, "That's odd. I have to work."). It's medicine for the mind. You will not be sorry. Oh...and catch up on that oil business. Because after the wedding is over, you will need a job.

Avery Jane


  1. You house is EXACTLY what we were looking for back in 2008 when we had to buy in Van Buren! I know the right person will come along :)

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