Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Fast and the Furious

We have a total of 4 months to get this wedding planned and the I Do's said. (And 2 weeks of it is already gone!! What?!) It's been a whirlwind, especially considering all that has to happen.

  • resign from my job
  • get a new job
  • sell my house
  • call moving companies to compare prices
  • move my entire belongings from a 3 bedroom house all the way to West Texas
  • finish the semester of grad school
  • work 40+ hours a week
  • register
  • do all the pictures we want
  • find outfits for all attendants
  • plan the wedding and rehearsal plus reserve church, etc.
  • all the fittings, hair and make-up tries, yada yada yada
  • 2-3 pre-marital counseling sessions
  • book a honeymoon
  • everything else that planning a wedding consists of
  • oh, yeah, and do it 600 miles apart
We booked the church I grew up in, and I'm so excited to be going home to get married. This church has meant so much to me my entire life. Although I'm not a "member" there anymore, it's still home in my heart. I remember planning a fairytale wedding as a little girl and looking around during Sunday mornings and thinking, "One day I'll get married here!!!" I stood as the Maid of Honor in the same church when my sister and BIL said their vows and was a bridesmaid in 3 other weddings there. Those walls sure hold a lot of precious memories.

I resigned from my job and already received a packet of goodies from the superintendent's office. Before we go getting too excited about these goodies, I'll have you know it's just my teacher licensure and official transcripts and other boring paperwork. But this sweet letter from our Sup was pretty neat. I got to know him better last year when I was analyzing the school's budget for grad school. I definitely have been blessed with a sweet, sweet school district the past 3 years. As the kids have been asking me about leaving and not teaching anymore, I like to tell them I just knew no students would ever be better so I'm going to end with them. Very possibly a true story. :)

And boy do we have wedding folders galore in my purse! Sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, to do lists, timelines. The list will go on and on and on until we are settled back into Midland. But I'm trying to keep my head, remember that no one is going to notice that the napkins don't match the invitations (or whatever!), realize Cash and I care way more than everyone else, and at the end of the day we'll be married. I am constantly reminding myself that or it would be so overwhelming with all that's going on. Just marry Cash--that's really #1 and everything else will fall into place.

Plus, I have seriously the most wonderful fiance in the world. He's already booked the entire honeymoon, helped me register (or should I say I helped him), and deals with the constant e-mails throughout the day that read, "Ahh!!! We need 125.7 cubes of ice!!!" Okay, it's not really that dramatic. But he doesn't act too tired of my never-ending to do lists. Add to that he and his family are helping me find a job since I know NO ONE down there.

And one more thing that makes him so remarkable--yesterday I was a little upset that I didn't just have the money to really help him with our honeymoon, so I said, "I don't want you to think I won't help..." His reply? "When we board the plane to go, it'll be both of ours anyway." It's moments like those you stop the fast, the furious, and the madness of wedding planning and just give a crying burst of thankfulness that God made someone for you that will be there when you need them the most. I couldn't marry anyone else in the world. Okay, sappy moment over.

Off to read 50 more pages of why the Democratic Party is now in the North. Be jealous.

Avery Jane

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