Thursday, March 22, 2012

Since I've Been Gone...

You can breathe for the first time, right? (do you have that song in your head yet?!)

Just wanted to stop in and tell you guys I did NOT forget about my brand new Sunday Savings last weekend. I was en route to Ruidoso, New Mexico when I shrieked, "Cash, I forgot my laptop!!! I'm supposed to write my new blog series!!!"

He reminded me that I have a mere 22 followers and that it would indeed be okay.

I have so, so, so, sooooo many things I want to tell all of you!!!! But...I can't. So just keep your eyes and ears peeled next week for the post of your life. Okay, exaggeration, but it's the post of my life..and I can't wait to share it with the blog world. It did, afterall, begin here.

Until next week when life gets back to normal...


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