Friday, March 9, 2012

Yep, I did that...


It's Friday. And I need to be freed.

  1. I've been blogging for about 2 years now, and I don't understand how people have so many followers. I'm not asking for them; I'm just curious as to how one does that. Granted, I did meet my beau via the ol' blog. Thanks, Kelly...and Jeanne! So I guess that means I have the greatest follower leader of all. (I am Baptist, after all. I better say he is the leader. JOKE. Well, I am Baptist. I was joking about the other.)
  2. Right now I am pounding on the keyboard, because I am so mad at my sister. I said it. Mad!! She and my niece are supposed to be staying at my parents' all weekend since my BIL and nephew are at the state finals in Hot Springs. What did she do? She let Addison go stay with her other grandma and aunt tonight. We will fight about this.
  3. Proud moment--worked out 3 mornings this week. Not proud moment--I gave myself a treat each time. Today's? Chocolate sprinkled donuts. Duh.
  4. While walking into the donut shop with purple and gold Ozark sweats and shirt on, I spotted my principal (wasn't hard--we were the only 2 customers) all dressed for work. I do not work at Ozark schools. Ugh. When I got to work, she said, "Miss Kuykendall, that outfit looks much different..." I tried to explain I had just been working out. Should've said I didn't want to get my Alma shirts dirty. :)
  5. I cried about grad school this week...and maybe I did that just to make Cash feel bad for me. Eeek.
  6. I've packed and repacked my suitcase in my head for next week about 13 times already. I want to be in Midland, Texas. I want to be in the truck with Cash. I want to be in route to Ruidoso, New Mexico. Why do I have one more week of work first? My brain can't take that right now!
It's the weekend. Let's do this.



  1. hey girl! i found your blog via Leslie..i know EXACTLY what you are all these people getting all these followers..i don't get it! I signed up! I just started blogging so check out my site if you can!

    Xo Kelly

  2. Hey there! Spotted you on Leslie's confessional! I recently started my blog so I completely understand what you mean! You're doing great though! Definitely a new follower!