Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Extra 2-4

When I was little and got to go to Kanakuk one year, the counselors were afforded one "2-4" during the 2 weeks we were there. That meant for 24 hours they got to leave camp and get away from us 12 year olds. I got to be a camp counselor at my beloved Camp War Eagle one summer while in college, and I can vouch for the fact these 24 hours were well deserved, much needed, and highly anticipated.

Yesterday the world got a two-four. Holla, Leap Day! I love Leap Year, primarily because I know that it also means I'll be spending 2 weeks gazing at the tube watching the world's best summer athletes. And, of course, because the rest of my time will be devoted to primaries, the GOP convention, debates, and a Presidential election. How can you not love Leap Year?!

I didn't actually celebrate, per se, although I did have a few great things going on which calls for major rip-roaring excitement.

Numero uno--our assistant superintendent e-mailed me asking for a summary of my guest speakers on integration because, get this, he's putting it in the district bulletin which goes out to all the tax payers in our entire district!!

Numero dos--although Gravette lost their first game in state tournament, they did get to go. Dustin's first year there they won 3 games. Last year they won 10. This year they won 22, were District champions, and made it to the first round of state tournament. If you can't tell, I'm a little biased and proud of my brother-in-law.

Numero tres--my dad is a sucker. You may be wondering how this calls for intense happiness, but it led to him buying my dinner at RIVERTOWNE BBQ last night while we had a very in-depth and enjoyable bi-partisan discussion on national politics. We solved the nation's problems. And add to that I lurveeeee Rivertowne and lurveeeee bbq. I literally had tears roll down my sand streaked face this summer while in the Middle East, because I was craving pulled pork so bad. Yeah, you can't get that in Muslim countries. It was a killer.
the pride of Ozark--and the single best reason my Texas friends should come visit
Numero quatro--i even helped him check the cows. My mom was with my sis and fam in Pine Bluff for the state tournament, so the farming was left to my dad the past 2 days. (Yes, my family is a little backwards, but that's okay!) Several calves have been born lately, so we went and checked the cattle, made sure they were all counted for, and searched for new ones. Bequette rode around with us on the 4-wheeler too. I love that dog, and I do believe he's becoming a country Bichon. Possible? Ehhh..I think so.
this could be Bequette if I could be a stay-at-home dog owner, via Pinterest
Numero cinco--eggs galore. I've been trying to eat healthier, so I decided having boiled eggs for breakfast would be an easy way to go. Score one for me since my parents have laying hens. You and I both know that farm fresh brown eggs outdo store bought white eggs every single day of the week. I raided the "egg refrigerator" and swiped a dozen (or few) eggs for the keeping.

Numero seis--my mom came home. I usually don't see my mom a lot through the week, but when I know she's gone I immediately miss her. She got home last night and I got to hug on her until my heart was content. That's a lie. My heart isn't content. I still want to be there hugging her.
I <3 my momma!!
Numero siete--That's really all. I just wanted to write in Spanish a little big longer.

Are you enjoying American Idol? I think my favorite will be Phillip-Squared. We shall see though. We shall see. But right now I have leftover Rivertowne for lunch, so I'm going to stuff my face with pulled chicken.

Avery Jane

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