Tuesday, February 14, 2012

...that's what it's all about *clap*clap*

Y'all know me...and you know I love Cash more than anything in this world. But right now I'm utterly sick of the lovey doviness going on at school, on social media, etcccccc. If you have a great relationship, it's daily. It's not one time a year.

One of my students asked me what Cash and I got each other for Valentine's Day. Uhmmm...excuse me? It's not Christmas. Nor is it a day we are supposed to show off our love to everyone else. And it's definitely not a day I share with 13 year olds.

I'm blown away right now with the amount of  gift exchanging going on between middle school kids. I'll go ahead and say it--I think it's ludicrous. If you are 12 years old, you don't need a dozen roses from your 2 day boyfriend. You'll change boyfriends within the month. Nor do you need a bouquet of flowers from your parents. What is that??? Why are kids getting presents on VALENTINE'S DAY from their parents? Why do we have to send these to school so that they think life is all about them. (and to further enhance the gap between those with means and those without--that makes me so sad)

A few weeks ago I was at Target, and I overheard a little girl tell her parents that it was HER holiday. They both laughed and said, "Little girl, you are badly mistaken." I was so glad to hear them say that, because this isn't a day about kids. It's about two adults who are in love...and that shouldn't be commercialized.

When I was single (which wasn't THAT long ago..I still remember how I felt), it really hurt to be reminded of how single I was with no possible candidate in mind. I promised myself during all those lonely years that I wouldn't show off on this day when I was in love. I love Cash...more than you can imagine. I talk about him all the time. He takes me on dates as often as we can possibly see each other. We got each other a Valentine's Day present. And don't get me wrong---I've been so excited for today. Any chance I get to tell Cash I love him, I jump on it. But I stand by my conviction that I don't want to throw my relationship in the faces of the people who don't get to celebrate. I remember that pain, and I would hate to know I caused it for someone else.

I just encourage you to focus today just on you and your love. It doesn't have to be announced to the world. Just try to put yourself in someone's shoes who doesn't have a Valentine. And bottom line...if you have a great Valentine, it will be evident tomorrow and the next day and the next day and and and...

That being said, I don't want you to think I don't appreciate what Cash does for me. I do..1. because I remember life before him and don't take him for granted 2. he's an amazing man 3. I could go on forever. I just think today is between me and Cash (or whomever and whomever); not me, Cash, and facebook. That's all.

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