Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rewind, Relax, and Read

I feel so productive. I've already dropped my beau off at the airport, gotten home, read my portion of grad school chapters for the day, listened to a baseball game, and started blogging. Also, I've read through the integration article in the Press Argus a few times..because I'm so proud! :) All that in a day's time.

Friday Mr. Wolfe let me skip out after 7th period since I have 8th period conference (PTL), so I got to the airport right as Cash's bags were coming off the baggage claim. It was nice driving to XNA verses Tulsa this weekend. So nice.

We hustled back to Alma for me to get out of my work clothes and into ballgame clothes and drove to Ozark in order to get to the Gravette/Berryville game during the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately, my favorite team squandered their lead a few times and lost by 1. However, that meant my sister and the kids were going to stay at Mom and Dad's that night as well; so I call it win-win. (Plus, we didn't have to play Clarksville the next night. Holy toledo. Can you say ballas?)

After the game we ran and got some Thai food (yes, can you believe Ozark has a Thai restaurant?!) and went back to the gym to watch Clarksville/Waldron. BTW...Thanks, Maranda, for coming over and meeting Cash!! So sweet!! I've talked about one of my best friends, Leslie, many times on the ol' blog. Because she and her husband are both in school in Little Rock, she has yet to meet Cash. Seems unreal. But her older sister Maranda came over at the game Friday night to meet him, which I thought was just so sweet. When I was in high school, all of us girls had a crush on her husband because he was one of our football coaches. I remember us always telling him how pretty his then-fiance (now wife) was...and we were super jealous! haha. Now it's funny, because it's Leslie's sister and brother-in-law. Anyway, it was fun to see Maranda and it made me miss my BF even more than I already do.

That night we spent in Jethro with my entire family, and I thought the kids were going to wear Cash plum out. HA! He still doesn't know quite how to handle the 2 rugrats running around screaming. It probably didn't help that I egged (or "agg" if you are Southern like yours truly) it on and tackled them until they cried uncle aunt.

Mom made an amazing breakfast, as always, and we went back to ballgames on Saturday afternoon. Originally we said we were going to Hot Springs to gamble away 50 cents at a time on horses, but both of us were exhausted from all the recent travels. Therefore, we decided to relax and enjoy the weekend in Western Arkansas instead. Luckily we got to watch Gravette beat Waldron in the 3rd place game, and we ended the regional tournament with a W.

Cash says of this pic, "This is how I REALLY feel about all your pictures." bahumbug.
Saturday evening Cash and I decided to just hang out with each other. Honestly, that happens so little that I kept wondering all night how long it had been since we had spent an evening just the two of us. Before dinner we stopped at my great aunt and uncle's house to visit with them. Uncle Charles and Aunt MaryKaye are by far the sweetest people in the world. We found out that morning that Aunt MaryKaye had been in the hospital the night before, but Uncle Charles knew I wanted a Press Argus so he went to town and got me several of them despite her not feeling well. That's just the sweet-hearted people they are.
They were telling me that they had been to my Grandpa Kuykendall's house recently and how much he beamed when he talked about Cash and me. Y'all, I love my Grandpa Kuykendall. LOVE HIM. I love calling and just chatting with him or going to dinner or church with him. It tickles me pink when someone tells me that he has been bragging about being my grandpa. I seriously want to cry when I hear that; I just adore him. Aunt MaryKaye told us that Gpa K has been bragging on Cash, and that just made me even more proud.

It just still blows my mind that God brought someone to me who is such a good, good man. To have my Gpa K brag on how good he is, well, that's the biggest compliment I could ever get.

Anyway, we headed over to Frank's for some Italian. Oh my gosh. It was delic! Then we decided to watch an early movie with all the 15 year olds in the area (holla, 7:25 show time). Cash actually picked a chick-flick knowing how much I love them. We watched the new movie with Reese Witherspoon, and we both agreed it was really good! Enough chick-flickish for me...enough comedy and action for him. So...go have a date with your honey. You won't be disappointed.

Today we decided not to rush to church and the airport. Instead we took our time to get to Northwest Arkansas and ate at Hog Haus on Dickson. I got to show Cash the U of A campus for the first time! Not sure he was that impressed and he kept saying, "Yep, looks like a school." But nonetheless it brightened my day! GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!

Speaking of...I think I FINALLY came up with a topic for this semester's literature review. I'm still waiting on approval from my professor, but I'm hoping to do it on how religion affects voting behavior. As interesting at this is to me, I won't subject you all to it. But I will say my mom and dad signed me up to go with them to a traditional Jewish holiday celebration in a few weeks. I. Am. Pumped!!

Okay...enough random talk about the weekend. I hope y'all have a great week! And someone read this book for me and tell me if it's worth the buy: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie by Christie Leigh Mueller.

Uhm, yes, I think I need this book.
Avery Jane


  1. AWWW!!! Make me sad!!! Want to know the most exciting thing that happened here this weekend? Crowder got poo stuck in his tail while we were at church. He then laid on Zach's clean and folded clothes that I left on the loveseat. So I got to do laundry again today. Good thing I love that darn dog! :) And I'm glad yall relaxed on Saturday...makes me feel better because I didn't technically miss seeing you since you weren't here!

  2. It was very nice seeing you again and meeting Cash! He seems to be a great catch! :-)