Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Few Randoms and a 7 Year Olds Brain

Two weekends in a row I've spent hanging with my sister and her family in Bella Vista. #winning

My niece and nephew are wild ones; they are. But they melt my heart! The past several months Braeson has clung to me every second he could when I've been around. Yesterday he even kissed me goodbye in front of all his teammates after his basketball game. I'm trying to soak in every moment of our BFF time!

Braeson has also become very interested in politics. He sent the picture I showed you the other day of Abraham Lincoln speaking behind a podium. The next day he sent a picture that read, "I love going to the Lincoln Memorial." He was AMAZED that today would have been Lincoln's 203rd birthday. Speaking of presidents and their birthdays, I'm crossing my fingers that they have rallied behind the fact we aren't getting off for President's Day; I'm pretty certain we might get out of school tomorrow since we don't get next Monday off. C'mon, snow!! Just 1 snow day would be a nice break right now!

Anyway, so Friday on the way to Dustin's basketball game I was telling Braeson the difference in Republicans and Democrats. Of course I was generalizing and saying that ideologically Republicans don't believe in higher taxes for the wealthy, abortion, or homosexual marriages and that largely Democrats do. I tried my best to put it in terms a 7 year old could understand. When I finished I said, "Do you know what President Lincoln was? He was a Republican." Brae thought was awesome. I said, "And President Obama is a Democrat." He stared at me with big eyes and said, "Soooo...President Obama married a man???"

Absolutely not. Sis and I explained that to him. We said that just because many Democrats vote for gay rights does not make them gay; they just believe in passing that form of legislation. To each their own; no debating social topics on the ol' blog (just actual political agendas like tax reform and healthcare and education). Regardless, it was comical how his little brain was working. He really was trying to put together political ideologies; he was just a little confused!

And to give balance to my explanation, his paternal grandfather quickly tried to erase everything I told him. So it's good that he's getting to come to his own decision starting at an early age. Regardless of what he decides as he gets older, I'm just PUMPED that he does want to come to a decision! So to all of you political naysayers out there, seriously get informed. If my 7 year old nephew can do it, you can too.

All right. Besides brainwashing a kindergartener, what else have I been doing?
  • watched 2 Gravette Lions games, both coming down to the last second
  • found out that I can get a 15% discount at Ann Taylor LOFT since I'm a teacher
  • got a new Vera Bradley wallet from my beau for our anniversary (holllaaaaa)
  • started working out again thanks to my friend Tracee who gets me in the gym and my friend Drea who inspires me with her Facebook pictures of her abs
  • made 2 new friends in grad school, 1 girl who seems really cool; we're so excited to hang out as she and her boyfriend might go with Cash and me to a Hog baseball game in 2 weeks
  • received an e-mail confirmation that Cash is coming in 2 weeks from now; he totally surprised me!!!
  • woke up to a UPS text this morning that I was getting a delivery tomorrow; Cash was mad that the surprise was ruined, but I was thrilled to know I had something coming!!!
  • watched The Vow; kinda disappointed now
  • bought Cash's V-Day present and 2 new pairs of shoes over the phone, all 3 being in Midland; ready to pick them up FRIDAY!! (Check out Pink Tumbleweed on Facebook; they rock.)
  • shaved Bequette (well, Sis did)
  • listened to my nephew describe all the differences between my sister and me: I have bigger eyes, a longer and flatter neck, a skinnier nose.
  • cleaned my house top to bottom
  • discovered that everything I need for dinner can be found in the $1 aisle at CV's
  • landed the Chief Deputy Secretary of State as a History Day judge
  • made 2 canvases, 1 for my guest bedroom and 1 for my cousin Brad (I do have to throw in the fact that I made one for Cash this summer, and he has it up in his house...right when you walk in!! Not even in the very back closet!! haha)
    "Go Hogs Arkansas Woo Pig"
    my new canvas above my guest bed
    Y'all remember the LeAnn Rimes concert Cash took me to in Ft. Worth? This weekend I was on the DFW website and found these pictures. CASH AND I WERE ON THERE!!!! I was so absolutely stunned and excited. Granted many people are on there, but seriously...I am still excited. 
    LeAnn singing like no one else in the world
    with my fav at Bass Hall
    holy cow I'm lucky!!!
    I know I say Cash is handsome a lot. So I'll refrain. Instead I just want to say that he looks really, really great in these pictures! Wow. I seriously can't believe I get to date him. Before I change his mind, I better jet. Hope you all have been enjoying life as much as we have! Have a great week, lovelies.
Avery Jane

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