Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Mom Will Be So Proud!

Mom, you're going to be so proud...I hope!

This afternoon I was craving a smoothie. I have no idea why, because I'm not sure I've ever had a smoothie except from Sonic. But I've been trying to eat healthy lately, so I decided to do a little mixing and cooking tonight.

Although I did have a pity party that we don't have an HEB in Alma, I went to Wal-Mart with a smile on my face (and my new boots on my feetsies). I had made a list before I left the house. It saved me tons of time...and money. Who knew?! ha..Just thought y'all needed to know that.

I made the smoothie when I get home. It was...ehh...okay. I will probably try a different recipe tomorrow. But I felt like it was a GREAT way to get in my servings of fruit, since I don't like whole strawberries and what not. I felt super healthy watching the Broncos (ohhh yeah) and drinking a stawberry smoothie. But the great thing about the whole night was the smell coming from the kitchen.

I found a quick (4 hour) crock pot recipe for baby back ribs. Mom, are you about to be surprised or what?! I actually bought A RACK OF RIBS at the grocery store. (Yes, I just called Wal-Mart a grocery store. It is.)
baby back ribs in the crock pot
On top of baby back ribs, I wanted some fresh green beans. Mom, are you passed out or are you still with me here? I know I don't cook anything but pizza rolls, but I promise I've listened to you tell me I need to learn how to cook!! Look...

I sauteed onions to stir in with the steamed green beans (yes, I did!).

onions sauteeing
 While the onions were going to town in the skillet, I got the ribs out of the crock pot. Now this was a feast for a hungry girl like myself.
finished ribs

Then I added the green beans to the onions along with some salt and pepper. I completely forgot the parsley I bought especially for this meal, but oh well. The green beans made me feel super healthy (for the 2nd time of the evening)...much better than meal deal #4 I typically get at Taco Bell.
look at me being healthy

Personally, and I know I'm biased since I cooked the meal, I thought it was beautiful. Literally. I realize that's making my novice cooking skills sound better than they really are, but I was so proud of the big girl meal I made for myself. And the cleanup was almost null. A skillet in the dishwasher and a crock pot? Breezy, even for mwaa.
Oh, I have tears in my eyes!

And of course it wouldn't be Sunday night watching the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York without a cup of coffee. Have you used a Keurig coffee maker? I am in love!!! But even more than the new coffee maker, I am so in love with the cup my beau bought me this summer...
Why, yes, it is my favorite quote of all time. haha

Sorry that I look like a 3-D monster about to jump out of the computer screen. :/ haha

Now I'm stuffed. The Kardashians are over. Broncos won. And I finished the greatest book of all time today.

I wanted to leave you with the interview of Louie Zamperini, because I just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's a must read. Must, must, must. So go get it. Now.

Find a veteran this week, thank him/her, and remember why we are free. I love this country!!


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  1. Avery! Way to go and I must agree that the meal is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Also- here is a tip on the cleanup: You can buy crockpot liners at Wal-Mart! You just put them in your crockpot, fill them up with whatever you're cooking. When you are finished you just throw the lining away! NO more washing out the crockpot!