Friday, December 16, 2011

The Few, The Not So Proud, The Called

I know several of you are probably tired of the Tebow hype. I'm going there still. But stay with me for a moment, because it's not so much Mr. Tebow that I want to concentrate on. It's the humility.

We've seen Tebow's hype anywhere from Sports Center to the Republican primary debates. It didn't start in the NFL or with the Denver Broncos. It didn't even start with the Florida Gators. Tebow is where he is today because of whom he chose to be his entire life.

Of course we've all heard by now that he was raised by missionary parents and homeschooled. I even read the other day that his first TV appearance was against Hoover High School in Alabama (remember that show?) when he was the opposing quarterback. He lost.

My dad will argue with me that Tebow's had it so much better than other kids, because he had parents who loved him unconditionally. Agreed. But you can't get everywhere in life because of your parents...or the love they showed. At some point you have to become {you} and learn where {you}'re going to stand.

I was in college once. Remember those days? For me the peer pressure in college far exceeded that of high school. I saw and witnessed things in those {4} years that have dulled my sense of innocence. I was brought up in a home with 2 firm believing parents and a close family all around me. I still saw it. It was still there. No matter how much my parents loved me.

I have to know that Tim Tebow has had similar experiences. He's probably been pressured, even moreso than yours truly. I was never a quarterback or the main man on campus, but I saw people who were. Take half of LSU's football team for instance. Great athletes? Best in the nation. Great character? Seems to be lacking, what with all the suspensions and jail time and all.

Bottom line is that I'm sure he's been exposed to circumstances that he's had to overcome. And I would venture to say that it takes a lot more strength and faith {initially} to back away from peer pressure and live a life completely not mainstream.

I say initially, because I firmly believe that in the long run strength and faith pay off. That's where we see Tim Tebow now. He's been mocked for taking a stance for his belief, even by Christians. He's not backing down from critics, because that's not what he feels called to do in life. I like to think that Tebow is a lot like Job. I bet if you took football away from him, he'd consider himself blessed still and love the Lord as much then as he does now. He's not God. He's not a Messiah. He's simply a guy who goes with all his heart for something and has the humility to put others before himself and God even before the others.

Why as Christians do we not respect that? Why do we say, "Oh, what will he do to embarrass Christianity?" What have you done to embarrass Christianity? I've done a lot!

Why do we say, "Oh, just hang it up, Tebow. Quit beating everyone up with it." Last I checked it was everyone else who kept tuning in wanting to know what he was saying. It was the media who thrust him into the spotlight. Tebow isn't a Kardashian or Hilton who gets millions of $$ and attention for just breathing. The guy has done something with his life. And just because he is open with his faith, Christians are the first to cast their stones?? Lindsey Lohan can go in and out of rehab and jail about as often as I eat lunch, and we still watch her every move like she's a goddess. What's up with that? Why are we lifting up the Lohans and Kim K's of the world when we have Tim Tebow's for our children to look up to?

Have you prayed for Tebow?

I mean, have you gotten on your knees and talked to the most high God and asked him to protect Tebow's character and humility? I think of Esther when I think of Tebow. She would have been happy to have just been the queen. But when the situation called for action, just read what was told to her:

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" --Esther 4:14

Just food for thought...but have you ever wondered if maybe God does care about football? Granted, I know He doesn't care about a game or a superbowl championship. But God speaks to His people in their language. What has America become? A sports-driven society. Maybe...JUST MAYBE...God is using the Tim Tebow's of the NFL to shed light on true Christianity. Maybe Tebow was brought to this point not for glory or fame or wealth in the name of Tim Tebow. Maybe he was brought to this point for such a time as this. 

God's never been One to call the mighty to carry out His unique plan. He's called widows, like Ruth. He's called prostitutes, like Rahab. He's called the poor, like Mary. He's called sinners, like Saul/Paul. He's called "orphans," like Moses. He's called radicals, like Noah. He's called runts, like David.

How many times has God used a Herod to deliver His plan? Why?? Wouldn't that be easier?

I undoubtedly think that God cannot use the Herods and the Esaus, because they have no humility. His word firmly tells us, "He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble." --Proverbs 3:34

Think about your life. Sure some people have come into fame and fortune through corrupt and immoral ways. But who has a genuinely peaceful, enjoyable life? Who does God allow through faith and endurance to enjoy His blessings because they have walked so diligently on the path He set out?

Tim Tebow

Sweet Dee Ann who never tried to manipulate the system; never dreamed of becoming a principal--She will tell you He straight up called her to that role. And she only took it in obedience.

My father who would've been happy with a wife and his 2 daughters on a farm--When he graduated with his associate's degree, he was offered a higher paying job at a local alcohol producing company. He did not agree with drinking, even if it paid more. He took the lower paying job at a bank in order to keep his character. He's now an executive officer at the #1 rated bank in America. (He's still the same overall-wearing, bee-keeping, master gardener dad I grew up with too.)

A friend of mine from college, Rachel, had never dated. Ever. She wanted that, of course, but she also wanted a man to so violently pursue God that he could only get to her through God. She's married now, happily, to an amazing man of God. He was the first and only person she ever dated.

I'm sure you can look around and see people who have fought the good fight, who have ran the race, who have kept the faith. (2 Tim 4:7)

The last hard decision I had to make was one of staying at school and giving semester tests (my professional obligation) or go to a bridal luncheon for a friend whose wedding I was to be in. I struggled with that literally for months, because I wanted to take off work and have fun. Who wouldn't? But in the depths of my heart I knew it wasn't right to ask off work for the 2nd semester in a row (I had to take off 2 weeks to go to the Middle East) during testing. I chose what was the hardest and least enjoyable but what I felt was the most professional route. I lost 2 friendships and a roommate over it.

Of course I was in disbelief, but I never got down about that. I knew I had made the choice based on maturity and responsibility. I had prayed about it, and I felt that God had lead me to the decision I needed to make. Losing friendships and a roommate aren't exactly enjoyable things to go through. But they're not the worst, either. Because the Lord blesses you when you believe in Him. He gives you affirmation when you walk His narrow path.

I encourage you to make the right decision, even if it's the harder. Many times I haven't done so, but ultimately I paid the price. This time I made the right, hard decision. Some saw it and thought it blew up in my face. But I saw it and felt such peace. Even through trials, life is peaceful when walking through them with the Lord.

And on the Tebow note...Instead of blasting those in the middle of a marathon for Christ, let's boldly pray for and encourage them. Let's hold up our brothers and sisters in Christ. In doing so we will also be fighting the good fight.

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  1. I am not a Bronco's fan but I think he has made me one. What an amazing man!