Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WILW--Debate Week!

I thought it was a rough week until I realized all that I have to be thankful for this week...

*I'm loving that I met with my grad school advisor and get to take Politics in America this Spring. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! (Can I just throw in a WOO PIG SOOIEE here for the U of A?!)

celebrating a Hog victory with my uncles--We are a Razorback family!!
*I'm loving that my parents are going to be here in about an hour to watch the next round of Republican debates with me. 
Gov. Rick Perry
*I'm loving that Cash gets back to Midland tomorrow. I haven't been able to talk to him since Monday evening with the exception of a few texts Tuesday morning, because he's been hunting 30 miles from the Mexico border. Due to my overseas tragedy this summer, I've been a little ansy about him being so close to the border. But he'll be okay. And he'll have fun. I'm just ready for him to get back.

We took this picture the weekend before I left for the Middle East.

*I'm loving the storm door Ryan put up for us. I absolutely love coming home and sewing, cleaning, whatev and getting to see out the door. Especially when it's been raining this week, I've loved watching the storms. Bequette loves watching the kids play outside too. He just sits there and watches them play football game after football game.

BQ likes watching the culdesac football squad!
*I'm loving that although we had tornado warnings yesterday, we have a state of the art storm shelter at the middle school now. It was actually kind of enjoyable yesterday talking with my friends and letting the kids just chill instead of having to keep them quiet with their booties in the air around the library walls like the old-fashioned way.

*I'm loving that my amazing roommate gave up so much of her time to put her expertise into our Veteran's Day slideshow for tomorrow's program. The kids brought pictures of family and friends that have or are currently in the military. I even got one picture from the Civil War!! Yeah...I didn't stutter. Civil War. As in the 1860s. I plan on trying to upload it soon, so be ready with your tissues! 

me and my AMAZING roommate!
*And of course I'm loving that the week is almost halfway over, and I get to see Casher next weekend. PTL!

Love you'ins! Don't forget to watch the debates tonight!

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