Sunday, November 27, 2011

LSU Who?

As much as I'd like to really not know the answer to that title, I think the entire Natural State was jolted awake with that reality on Friday afternoon. It was not an enjoyable game for those of us who adore calling the Hogs. But as much as I hate watching my Razorbacks lose, I found out a couple things that could be worse...

I made a bet with Cash's brother Aaron that Arkansas would beat LSU. Whoever lost had to buy their own shirt of the opposing team and put it as their facebook profile picture. Well, after church today I roamed the streets of Fort Smith for over {2} hours to find a Tigers shirt. Nada.

In those couple hours, I went to:
  • Champs
  • Spirit Zone
  • Foot Locker
  • JC Penney
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Kohl's
  • and one more store that I can't remember the name of
After getting dirty looks from all but one sales associate, I realized that there are worse things than losing to LSU...having to ask for an LSU shirt in Razorback country 2 days after a bitter loss...that tends to be worse. The one and only guy who smiled when I asked for an LSU shirt worked at Champs, and he began to tell me how much he loved the Tigers..Geaux this and Geaux that. I finally snapped, "I lost a bet, okay? I don't like LSU!" Then he laughed. Whatevs.

Wal-Mart was my last stop on my way home, and I was empty-handed. Then it hit me that I could maybe make my own shirt! Did you know Wal-Mart no longer has a material section? Alma Wal-Mart does...but apparently not FS Wal-Mart on Rogers Ave. No siree bob. So I went to the clearance rack, and the only thing they had were these hideous pedafile tank tops in red. Taking my chances that big bro would accept this red material in place of a purple shirt, I hid the tank under my arms and went to the check-out line.

The problem with Wal-Mart is that it's so busy. And everyone and their dog can see what you're buying. Pretty sure I was labeled some inappropriate words as I purchased that men's XL red tank top. I wanted to throw up on my own self.

Got home, cut out the {3} mortifying letters from the tank top, serged around them. Have you ever serged the letter "S?" 1. I almost sewed my finger off. 2. It's really, really difficult.

After I had my letters ready, I found some adhesive and ironed on my home-made letters. I sent a pic to Aaron, and he said it'd do. I guess he was feeling some sympathy since I had actually made my shirt. He did say he wanted the word "Tigers" on there as well as "#1." But he got LSU...and that's all!

I held up to my end of the deal, and I put it as my profile picture. Thankfully, I just got a new facebook this past week so I have about 30 friends right now. To get a good quality facebook picture, though, everyone knows you have to have a good quality photo shoot in your bedroom...

obviously couldn't use this one. my eyes look their normal size. (and why, yes, that is a bear head in my bedroom.)

obviously couldn't use this one. i look like a meth head.

obviously couldn't use this one. i look like i have the stank eye.
obviously couldn't use this one. i have an even bigger stank eye. seriously, i have a problem with that!

finally, a picture with both eyes the same size but not too big.

Hey...if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?!


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