Monday, October 31, 2011

We Went to the Big D

We attacked Dallas this weekend. 'Nuf said.

Except y'all know me, and that's not really enough said. Because I love talking about my weekends with Mr. Cash! But before I get into all the hype from the past few days, let me just start with some exciting news. My principal came in my classroom on Friday to tell me she had gotten official word from the U of A-Ft. Smith that I will have a student teacher this Spring. In fact he's (yep, HE) is quite a bit older than me. I'm so pumped!! And I have no doubt you'll be hearing many student intern stories as I relive my internship a few, short years ago. Ah, it was amazing.

So after 7th period my wonderfully amazing assistant principal told me I could leave since I had no meetings after school, and I didn't want to drive in Dallas while it was dark. I come from a hometown of 3,500 people--Dallas + Dark = Avery wrecks. Since I had packed up the night before, I rolled out of town without even stopping at my house. Luckily, Cash got to leave work a little early as well. I love driving when I know he's going to be is. amazing.

I got to the hotel a little before him, so I went ahead and checked in. Y'all, the hotel was amazing! We stayed at the beautiful Adolphus where even Queen Elizabeth has stayed before. Chandeliers adorned the ceilings, and the elevators were wooden. It was breathtaking. Don't get me wrong--I love the simple country life I have always had here in sweet, down home Arkansas. But the way Cash pampers me doesn't get old either. I think there's definitely a place for both!

the Adolphus--Cash definitely pampers me!
That night we went to a little Italian restaurant right around the corner from our hotel and watched the Cardinals/Rangers game. Then we just went back and passed out from exhaustion after a 5 hour drive.

We got around early on Saturday and had a quaint breakfast at the hotel. I had a near meltdown when I couldn't find my car keys, and then an even nearer meltdown when I thought I had locked them in my 4Runner. Cash just looked at me like I was insane, because I had valet parked the night before. Of course I didn't have my keys. When I finally realized what I had said, it was too late to act like I was just kidding. Why do I insist on humiliating myself?

While most of our day was spent shopping and he considers me the worst shopping partner ever, it was so nice to be with him! We had the best time looking for Christmas presents for our nieces and nephew. I wanted to get Addison the cutest little Ralph Lauren skinny jeans that were hot pink, but I opted out. Oh, I should've gotten them.

Then we went to Burberry to look around. Now, I didn't plan to go in there and buy anything. But it never hurt a girl to look. Well, it used to not hurt a girl to look. Cash and I were looking at a trench coat that cost over $2,000. That is ridiculous. Even if I was afforded the opportunity, I would hope that I would never spend that amount of money on something so trivial. However, as we were looking, the saleslady walked up to tell me this particular item had just come off the runway. She continued talking and said, "But we do have our lower end in the back...." She said that! Really!! Cash will tell you I am exaggerating the story and she didn't mean it that way, but I'm straight up telling you the truth. Straight. Up.

Okay, so it is beautiful. It's really hott. But it's not $2,000 worthy. Not now.
A few minutes later, she made us move so she could get something for another customer. Cash said, "If you're so big, prove to her you can get it. Just buy it." But I'd be danged before I bought from that lady. And I'd be danged if I spent $2,000 on a trench coat.

Then I got Which Wich for lunch and was again in a gleeful mood. Have you eaten there? Cash and his family introduced me to it while we were in Arlington, and ever since then I have craved it like it was going out of style. I chose Which Wich over Chik-fil-A on Saturday. Y'all, that is huge. I even tried to duplicate one of their sandwiches at home, but it was an epic fail.

best sandwich shop...ever
After our shopping spree, Cash took me by the field where he used to play rugby for the Quins. They had just gotten through playing a match, so I tried to get Cash to holler at someone and talk. Nope. He wouldn't.

That night Cash took me out on the town! Y'all, I cry when I think about how blessed I am. I'm not kidding. On my way home yesterday I broke down and started bawling while thinking about how good he is. Even though we had valet parking at the hotel and restaurant, Cash made sure he was the one to open my door. Every time we are walking in or out of a doorway, he opens the door for me. Every time we are walking, he stops and lets me go first. What did I ever do to deserve the respect he gives me?

We ate at this amazing Brazilian restaurant: Texas de Brazil. Our very first dinner together was at a Brazilian restaurant in Little Rock, so it was fun to go and have the same type of meal. And if you ever need to fatten up, just go to a Brazilian restaurant. They can do the job for ya. My Lanta. I still feel like I'm going to explode from all the delish food.
Texas de Brazil-Dallas
this is why I gained 3,002 lbs this weekend
 Sunday we walked down to Dealey Plaza (in our matching outfits. Oh yes, he about died when I walked out of the bathroom in a black vest since he had one on too), and Cash gave me a history lesson on his conspiracy theories of President Kennedy's assassination. He was blown away that I didn't know much about the events at all, but it's just not something I had ever been interested in. I told him I could tell him all the tiny details of imperialism, but I never concentrated on Kennedy's assassination except for the little bit I had read about Jacqueline K-O. However, I loved hearing all he had to tell me. It was a great reminder that there is always something new and exciting to learn in history--even if I teach history every single day. (Maybe even especially since I teach history every single day.)

Then it was off to lunch at La Madeline. Again, I think the boy is trying to fatten me up. I inhaled my sandwich. I would love to tell you what I had, but to be quite frank I have no idea how to pronounce it...or spell it. Oh...the sweetest thing...we were about to walk into the restaurant, and two little old ladies were walking out. One had a walker and was a little bit slower, and Cash opened the door for her. She kept saying, "Thank you, thank you." And he just smiled at her and said, "No problem!" I love him for little things like that. It's one thing when he's great to me...but it just makes him even more amazing when he's great to other people.

After lunch we walked down to Barnes and Noble, and I got some Spanish CDs. Don't laugh at me. I desperately want to be fluent in Spanish, so I thought it would be a good idea to practice while driving 5 hours home. As much as we travel, I'll be fluent in no time!

Then we had to part ways. The drive home wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the drive to go see him, but I'm so thankful that I got to spend a few days with my favorite person!! 3 more weeks, and I'll get to see him Arkansas this time! In fact I will only see him 3 more times before the end of the year. Wow. I don't know what's more shocking: that I won't see him more than that or that it's that close to New Year's.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!! See you on the flip side.

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