Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Decor

I want to preface this post by saying that in no way am I a style connoisseur. Nor am I an interior designer. However, I have loved reading others' blogs about their decorations. And since I just spent yesterday morning at War Eagle (yes, I did!), I wanted to share some of the few--very few--fall decorations I had up.

living room with new centerpiece

Welcome to my living room! This couch has to be the most comfortable place in the universe. It's so sad to me when I talk to Cash about the possibility of merging our two houses one day, because it will kill me to part with this golden piece of Heaven. What you give up for love...and dogs who drool. :)

But the new, exciting part of my very monotone living room is the new centerpiece on my coffee table. I have been seeing pictures on Pinterest of pops of turquoise or red, so I went out on a limb at War Eagle yesterday and bought a distressed turquoise dough bowl to add some color.

new dough bowl

I love how it turned out! For the fall I decided to put some acorns in with the rose thips I bought yesterday. It'll be so fun to change every season what I put in the dish. I've already been planning for winter and spring, but you'll just have to wait and see! I wish you could smell this picture, because walking into the house is now like walking into the best smelling coffee bean. It adds more Heaven.

rose thips=nose love

How fun  are the acorns?! My mom gave me the idea, so I conned my nephew and his little friends to pick them up for me yesterday when I went out to camp. They were the best acorn pickers I had ever met..and the cutest too!

Also on the recently done list is a new storm door in the front of the house. I had to call on my ol' friend Ryan (I actually bought my house from him-ha!) to put in the door. Since he rebuilt pretty much every single aspect of my house already, I figured he would do a good job with the storm door. He was so awesome for spending hours at the house with Amy and me last week, so I promised him we would go over Tuesday night and cook for him. I think the door really adds to the house, and it's so fun to pull up and see little Bequette in the front door.

new storm door
A couple years ago I got into making wreaths. I haven't been able to make any lately, but every fall and winter I love pulling my wreaths out. Being artsy was not on my passion list growing up, but I have loved decorating my own house. Honestly, I think decorating the fireplace every season has become my favorite place to decorate.

fireplace decor

Mom and I love Hobby Lobby, especially when what we love is on sale that week. Also, Cash's sweet mom gave me this beautiful picture frame for my birthday back in May, and I had not been able to figure out a picture to put in it. Finally, we got a fun picture at the Ranch Party, and I knew it was the perfect color combo for the frame. I loved it on the fireplace with my new little scarecrows.  

new scarecrows and picture frame

As you can tell, the decorating isn't over the top or extravagant. I just try to work with what I have, make what I don't, and rearrange every season to liven the place back up a little. I have found that decorating can be fun..and cheap! You just have to find a few foundation pieces and learn to mix, match, and reuse. Hope you all have happy decorating this fall...and eat some candy corn for crying out loud!


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