Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three, Tres, Thrice

These are getting easier...less items to think of everyday.

Three Films

3. Blindside--compiles my love of football with my love of compassion. I remember seeing this in the theater and walking out saying, "That's the kind of teacher I want to be that I can take see the best in my students." Love, love, love this film.

2. Sweet Home Alabama--what southern girl doesn't love this love story? In my fairytale world, the country boy always wins.

1. The Notebook--of course! I used to watch this film and see them as a young couple and desire that passion. Since my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I watched my grandpa take such loving care of her until she passed. And still yet he goes to the cemetery routinely to decorate her grave and make sure it's tended to. He still loves her to a depth that only few people ever get to have. Now I watch this film and see the older couple and desire that love.

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