Thursday, September 8, 2011

{5} Foods

I'm trying to not grow really tired of this 10 day challenge. But my momma always said to not quit. And Winston Churchill said to never ever ever give up.

I really want to start a marathon training program. I read this blog of a chic who is in her 10th week of training. Since the fall weather is starting to hit (hey, 80 degrees DOES feel like fall right now), I thought it'd be the perfect time to start getting back in shape. Plus, I showed Cash all these little pictures of me this weekend. It brought back so many memories of playing softball and running track...I guess I didn't even realize how many sports I played and track meets I ran. So this is for 10 year old Avery who was in shape and could outrun everyone in the county...I'm doing this running thing.

However, I started realizing that if I can't even finish a 10 day challenge on my blog, no way would I finish an 18 week marathon training program. So we're going to stick around the ol' blog challenge for a few more days...hey, we're halfway there!

5 Foods

This could be super hard for a newbie cooker like myself.

5. Mashed Potatoes and brown gravy

4. Sweet baby carrots

3. bbq anything

2. Watermelon

1. Baked beans (preferably with nacho cheese doritos)

Am I from the South or what?

Sounds like my marathon training is going to be coincided with great, healthy foods.

Have a blessed one...I'm going to search through every picture on pinterest now.


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