Friday, September 9, 2011

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

True story--one of my students had my title phrase {I like big books, and I cannot lie} on a t-shirt last week. I thought it was awesome...because I am a nerd. And I teach Language Arts 3 times a day. That's why.

Four books...

4. Twilight saga--bandwagon or no bandwagon, I waited for nearly a year for Breaking Dawn to come out. And I was at the mall with all the tweens at midnight to get it. It was almost completely read by the next morning.

3. Blue Bloods series--another vampire series that livens my soul even more than the Cullens can. My Midland BFF (Barbara) sent me a text today telling me she's in the 5th book of this series. Addiction. That is pure addiction...and I love it! I desperately want to get back into this series and read the latest three, but right now I'm consumed with other young adult novels.

2. When God Writes Your Love Story--I was in the latter half of my 24th year before I finally met my casanova. I spent countless days at bridal showers, bachelorette parties, fittings, and weddings for my amazing friends. Each one of them had been given this great love story, but it seemed like it would never be my turn. After trials {big nasty ones that come in the form of toolbags} and tears and years of waiting through high school, college, and the beginning of my career I was growing impatient with God. Why couldn't I have my turn? What was He molding me for? In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the story He was writing. But when I read When God Writes Your Love Story, it was such a needed reminder on the value of waiting for the right one...of letting God be the author. When I let go of the pen and the Lord took control, I found myself the protagonist in a story my imagination could've never conceived. To say I love Cash is an understatement. I love his every perfection and flaw. I love his quiet nature. I love his ability to be so work-oriented yet make time for me 10 hours away. I love his competitive side and adoration of politics. I love his morals. And most of all I love his relationship with Christ (even if we didn't have the same baptism experience...and I had to say that because he's reading this blog). So this long rant is more for those of you who haven't found God's prince for you. I'll tell you what my dear friend Zach told me just about a year ago, "He's out there. And he's looking so hard for you. He's running as fast and as hard as he can straight to you." I told Zach that he apparently was taking detours and wasn't that fast, because that's what it felt like. But, Blessed One, he is out there. And while God is leading him to you, God is also still molding you and in the middle of writing your story. Don't let your destination get in the way of your journey.

1. Captivating--for those of you who know me in the church setting very well, you know my passion is for purity and innocence of girls' hearts--girls of all ages, from 2 to 92. I've been blessed to lead several Bible studies using this book as a tool. Every time I pick it up, I'm overwhelmed with the love God has for us, how He wants us to pursue Him, and the beauty He created in us. We have such unique abilities as women, yet we often drown ourselves in weakness. I had this book marked all the way through, but it was on my desk in my classroom last year and someone apparently picked it up. My prayer is that they did find comfort in it..that it touched their heart. I can't express to you how profound this book will be in your life--or your daughter's life, or your mother's life, or your co-worker's life. I gave a copy of it to my secret sister for Women's League last year...that's how much I feel this book will bless your soul.

Now that I've talked about reading, it makes me oh-s0-excited for a relaxing weekend with my Beth Moore Bible study on David. And when I start connecting this prophecy and history of our Father's written word, I can't help but understand why it's ultimately the most heart-touching, mind-resting, captivating book of all.

Be blessed, sweet ones. I love you all.


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