Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello, Healthy

Yep, I just posted a few minutes ago. I am bound and determined to finish the 10 day challenge. But I just have to tell y'all about my new challenge...

This bad little booger and I have met up the last two days after school. To be honest Day 1 she kicked my booty. My friend Sara and I did this after school in her room (thank you, promethean boards for being so big and awesome), and when I tried to walk back to my own classroom my legs felt like pure mush. Honestly, I could barely walk.

Today I was super sore and didn't know how I was going to make it through Day 2. However, it was a lot easier...and that's kind of scary when you are working out. Thoughts kept running through my mind, "Why is this easier? What am I doing wrong? Do I look like a big skank right now?" Yep...that's what I think about while I'm working out.

Anywhoodle, I wanted to start working out again for lots of reasons.

1. I hate not being in shape like I was in high school. My mom always said I would never be in that good of shape again the rest of my life. Again, Mom was right.

2. When I go to Midland, I see Cash running and cycling. Of course I would love to go with him, but even more than that it's motivation to see someone else doing it as well.

3. Just the pure feeling I get after a workout is motivation enough. I feel like eating healthy, and I begin to motivate myself. Overall, I'm in a better mood and more positive about life in general when I'm working out and feeling healthy.

4. Currently I'm watching the Miss Universe pageant. Of course I want to work out. HAHAHA

5. One of my life-long goals has been to run a marathon. The one time I got the most serious about it, did my research, and actually began running I came down with mono. Yuck. But now I have Cash to do it with, so it makes me feel like I can actually do this.

Also, this blog I've started reading has been a huge inspiration. (The best things in life do come from blogging afterall...) She wrote today about a website (and app for you iPhone lovaaas) called My Fitness Pal. I put in what I ate today, and I was pretty much right on target with my calories. Needless to say though, I was trying to eat healthy today. So that just makes me think how bad I've been eating.

I feel like I've been fat skinny for awhile now. And that, my friends, just feels gross. I know I may look skinny to all those eyeballs out there, but I just don't feel healthy or like how my clothes fit. That's a huge difference.

So, here's to working out and to telling Jillian Michael's what's up.



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