Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5, 6 Pick up Sticks

Six places.

Let's stop there. You know how last week I was so excited that Cash was coming into town? Well, we had the most fabulous weekend. And now I just feel awful. Yesterday morning he left, and it just seems like half of me is being pulled away when he has to go. Then I found out we weren't getting to see each other in 2 weeks...it's going to be another entire month. And I was so bummed that it put a damper on the weekend we had.

Long-distance relationships have to be one of the hardest things to endure. Although you're doing it together, it just seems like you're alone in it. Has anyone else went through this? Every moment I spend with him is more amazing than the last, but it's so so so hard to go without him. Don't get me wrong...I'd rather go without seeing him for a month than not have him at all. But I can't help but be completely crushed when I don't get to see him. Does anyone else deal with this?

Back to numero seis. Places...

I decided to mix it up with 6 places I --loathe-- and 6 places I --love--.


6. The roads between Alma and Midland. I love the destination, but this journey is LONG and boring and goes through Oklahoma.

5. The Middle East--for very, very obvious reasons to those who are close to me...and for its extreme heat I had to endure

4. Oklahoma--I. Hate. Toll. Roads.

3. Gallup, New Mexico--My dad tortured us as children when we would go on family vacations. It was no doubt he was going to make us stop in this homely (NOT homey) town.

2. Conway--Go Bears, yes. But Conway's traffic toppled with my {not the best ever} college experience put a bitter taste in my mouth.

I realize being a teacher at Alma I should say Greenwood or Van Buren for number one. However, this place that only my boyfriend could teach me to loathe has taken the top spot today. Hold your breaths...my most hated place on Earth is...

1. Odessa, Texas--You just can't love Midland and Odessa at the same time. Just ain't a happenin'.


6. Midland, Texas--love this dry piece of land and can't wait to be there again! Having your heartthrob in the desert land makes it a little more glorious. The friends I've made through Cash are just incomparable.

5. Jethro--my parent's farm is the most relaxing place on earth

4. Reynold's Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, Arkansas--calling the Hogs is the most exciting in this sea of red

3. my dad's work--I feel like I grew up in Bank of the Ozarks, and I still feel like it's home away from home when I go to visit the ol' pops.

2. the Rocky Mtns--nothing screams "relaxing" or "getaway" like the Rockies. One day I WILL have a cabin there.

And just for you to know what makes my heart melt...what can make me in the best mood of my life...what I endure the brutal winter for...

my favorite turkey hunter--Mr. Michael Waddell

1. Turkey Camp--without giving away too much detail for the sake of other hunters and campers stealing this sacred spot, it's in the beautiful mountains north of Ozark...and it's only this glorious one week out of the year: when Rocky Joe and Uncle Travis are making spectacles of anyone who may (or may not) have had an embarrassing moment. They make no story a good story! Turkey camp with the Hub is my favorite place on Earth!

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