Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoes--a girl's real best friend..and Rugby?!

What's better than shoe shopping? Making your own shoes, duh!

This past Sunday afternoon I was in Fort Smith and decided to make a few purchases. After gathering material, cheap white shoes, lace, and a few other necessities I went home to start a new project.

I soaked the shoes in hot tea, and made the shoelaces out of lace and tape. When the shoes soaked for about 30 minutes, I rinsed and dried them.

The laces were really white, and it was a good offset to the dark-stained shoes that came out of the dryer. I can't wait for y'all to see a picture! If I was at home right now, I'd put some on here...but I'm not. So. {edit--I totally got a picture for y'all!}

The shoes! Finally got them on here!

Anyway, our friends came over Saturday for the Razorback game. Amy and I made tons of dips, and Sara and Kyle brought over wings and some awesome dessert! But by the evening it had been deemed a sad, sad day in Arkansas. And especially sad for Bequette and myself since his namesake #91 didn't get to play yet again. This weekend in Arlington he better be there or be square! Because guess who is going to ARLINGTON!!

My favorite player sacking the QB. Typical.

Yep, I named a sweet little Bichon Frise after this hoss.

If you guessed me, you are correct! The downside is we don't get to go to the AR/A&M game. But I do get to see my beau and his fam, which has been a long time coming! I miss them so much!!

So last night Cash was telling me that he was going to get up at 1:00 this morning to watch the US Rugby team play in the Rugby World Championships. Then a friend of mine had posted on his facebook that he was watching the game. I commented on it...about them both having NO life if they get up that early...and he asked me if Cash played.

Cash did play (in case you didn't know), but I didn't know how to spell the name of the team he played for. I started googling it, and I found the team's website!! (Cash was just telling me last night that I was a stalker. I have no idea why. LOL)

He played for the..drumroll if you will...Dallas Harlequins. I had started looking at their website, because I've never asked my handsome much about his glory days in rugby. And y'all won't believe what I found...

"I am a mad rugby player."
Oh, yes, I did. That doesn't even look like Cash to me. But you better believe that is Mr. Pullin! He's still a handsome little devil though...just a much younger version than what I have!
Thanks, Jeanne, for letting me steal your picture.
Does that even look like the same person to y'all? The second picture was the first glimpse I ever got of Cash...I bet you would've fallen out of your seat just like I did!!

Okay, I need to get busy. If I'm not here tomorrow, it's because my boyfriend killed me over this post. haha. He of course would never kill me. He would only tell me I'm ridiculous...which could probably be true.

Have a good Tuesday evening!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pinterest and other uh-mazing things!

I've been a little bullet-list and sticky-pad queen this week. So let's continue...

1. Monday I was standing in class teaching and my chest started having this wretched pain. It had had happened last week, and Cash told me to go to the doctor. I dealt with it then, but this time I felt best by going to see Dr. Wilson. Indeed, I had pleurisy. And bronchitis. And a fever of 101. It stunk...and hurt.

2. Yesterday we had literacy meetings ALL DAY so I didn't get to see my wonderful kiddos. After missing Monday afternoon, I felt so behind.

3. I just got 18 sets of papers graded, recorded, and on EdLine. I'm done. I'm exhausted.

4. One week and two days until I see my honey and his wonderful family. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

5. Tonight I have dinner with my Hub sister Heather and her little boy Colton...yay!

6. Tomorrow I get to have dinner with Megan and then watch the debates.

7. Saturday our friends Jake and Monte are coming over to watch the Hogs take on the Crimson Tide with Amy and myself. Woooo Pig Soooiee! I'm getting dips and snacks all lined up!

8. This morning I was early (for once) and so excited to be going to school early. I opened up my refrigerator to get a glass of sweet tea, and my "sexy sauce" from Fuji's was all over the place. Bequette loved licking it off the floor, but it kept dripping down on his cute little white head. I wanted to SCREAM!! Nevermind, I did scream.

9. I got to see my niece and nephew yesterday afternoon...such a pleasant surprise!!

10. I am addicted to Pinterest, which has added to my procrastination and the fact that I'm WAY behind on grading. So I better get busy.

See y'all. Wouldn't want to be y'all...


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Life

September 15th, when you did you show up?

I cannot believe it's mid-way through September...mid-way through the first 9 weeks of school! Let's get this year in and out, whatcha say?!

This school year has flown by in large part because my down time is so little. Last spring Cash and I got to see each other 2 (sometimes 3) times a month. I didn't see him the entire month of August and won't see him again until the last day of September. That's a LOT of time without the person you love. Thankfully, we can e-mail throughout the day and talk of the evening. He's so good about making me feel like I'm right there going through life with him. I can't imagine being in a long-distance relationship with anyone else in the world; they just wouldn't be worth it!

Tonight we had Literacy/Parent Night from 6:30-7:30. I'm exhausted, y'all. I can't begin to explain how much I've had to do since school has started. I've had more meetings than I have plan periods. That's rough on a teacher, especially since I have 2 subjects to teach. But we're making it...and the faster the school year goes, the faster next summer comes.

When I got home I got out the sewing machine and made a few things. I made Cash another holder for his razor. He likes to use these when he goes on a trip, and I finally had some manly looking material. I made Braeson a pencil bag, and I made Bequette a bandana. All of it was the same material, and I got it for $.87. Yes, that's 87 cents!! Thank you, Hobby Lobby! The thread was 8X as much as the material. haha.

This weekend Cash is getting to see his brother, Jeanne, Lena, and Toby. I'm so jealous!! I'm ready to see them again. I just adore Cash's family, and I'm so glad God brought them into my life. 2 more weeks...2 more weeks!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Ozark to spend some time with my parents! We're going to hit up the Franklin County Feud. Then Mom and I are going to eat with the Hub on Saturday. Dad has a conversion, so he's down for the count come Saturday morning.

I have fallen in love with spending nights at home with Bequette. The only things I would add are Cash and Jett. We are ready to be with them! But, as I keep telling myself, we're going to enjoy the time in Arkansas. I know one day I'll be wishing I was in Arkansas seeing my family. For right now, though, it's hard not to just want to be in Midland. Every. Single. Day. It's never enough time to spend with him.

Well, I am eating breakfast with sweet Dee Ann in the morning! We are doing our usual Cracker Barrel, and it's MUCH NEEDED!! But I better get some rest if I intend to be there at 7 in the AM. Love y'all so much!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge...Check!

Is this the 10th time you've seen this image? I do believe so! Wooohooo for finishing ANYTHING! I have felt so rushed and stressed since school has started back, and I'm just so proud when I can accomplish anything.

One picture of myself...I honestly don't think I have any alone since pre-Cash days. And that's such a blessed thing, because I can't express enough how much I am in love with that man!!!

Easter 2010---a wonderful Easter!! I was at church with my friends Leslie and Kristen (I've blogged about their sweet selves before). Looking at the picture I remember my long hair, but what I can't remember is why I cut it all off. Because now I'm in the middle of growing it right back out. Oh, the fun of being a woman and getting to mess with hairstyles! :)

But it really takes me back to how much my life has changed. While I was so happy that day and during that time of my life, life has pulled a 180 on me. Now I'm in a relationship with the most handsome, most down-to-earth, most generous and caring man on this earth. I realize I take him for granted at times, but I can never convey to anyone how much he really means to me.

My time with my friends is winding down, and I realize that. Soon I'll be moving on and making new friends. But forever I'll cherish that time in my life when I had to just count on me. I had to make friends, and I had to be a friend. It wasn't easy, and a lot of times it wasn't fun. But it sure made me appreciate January 21, 2011, when I first laid eyes on Cash Pullin.

The Help with mi madre tonight...and then some QT with BQ! :) Love my new little Bichon, Bequette, named after the one and only Jake Bequette. WPS! Pictures to come soon, my friends. But until then...you know I love you'ins!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello, Healthy

Yep, I just posted a few minutes ago. I am bound and determined to finish the 10 day challenge. But I just have to tell y'all about my new challenge...

This bad little booger and I have met up the last two days after school. To be honest Day 1 she kicked my booty. My friend Sara and I did this after school in her room (thank you, promethean boards for being so big and awesome), and when I tried to walk back to my own classroom my legs felt like pure mush. Honestly, I could barely walk.

Today I was super sore and didn't know how I was going to make it through Day 2. However, it was a lot easier...and that's kind of scary when you are working out. Thoughts kept running through my mind, "Why is this easier? What am I doing wrong? Do I look like a big skank right now?" Yep...that's what I think about while I'm working out.

Anywhoodle, I wanted to start working out again for lots of reasons.

1. I hate not being in shape like I was in high school. My mom always said I would never be in that good of shape again the rest of my life. Again, Mom was right.

2. When I go to Midland, I see Cash running and cycling. Of course I would love to go with him, but even more than that it's motivation to see someone else doing it as well.

3. Just the pure feeling I get after a workout is motivation enough. I feel like eating healthy, and I begin to motivate myself. Overall, I'm in a better mood and more positive about life in general when I'm working out and feeling healthy.

4. Currently I'm watching the Miss Universe pageant. Of course I want to work out. HAHAHA

5. One of my life-long goals has been to run a marathon. The one time I got the most serious about it, did my research, and actually began running I came down with mono. Yuck. But now I have Cash to do it with, so it makes me feel like I can actually do this.

Also, this blog I've started reading has been a huge inspiration. (The best things in life do come from blogging afterall...) She wrote today about a website (and app for you iPhone lovaaas) called My Fitness Pal. I put in what I ate today, and I was pretty much right on target with my calories. Needless to say though, I was trying to eat healthy today. So that just makes me think how bad I've been eating.

I feel like I've been fat skinny for awhile now. And that, my friends, just feels gross. I know I may look skinny to all those eyeballs out there, but I just don't feel healthy or like how my clothes fit. That's a huge difference.

So, here's to working out and to telling Jillian Michael's what's up.



Two Songs

Two songs...

2. Amazing Grace---especially when my mom sings it. She's amazing, and my nephew loves it so much that he begs her to sing it to him as he falls asleep at her house.

Wait for it...wait for it...yes, that is laughter coming from the ClayDesta Center in Midland, Texas. That laugh would be coming from my little sweetheart who can't for the life of him understand why this next song is my favorite of all-time.

1. "Young Love" by the Judds---it's the first song I remember learning and has been my favorite since I remember having a favorite song. I found this video on YouTube, and it makes me want to play the song over and over and over. Just too sweet...

Have a great one, y'all!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three, Tres, Thrice

These are getting easier...less items to think of everyday.

Three Films

3. Blindside--compiles my love of football with my love of compassion. I remember seeing this in the theater and walking out saying, "That's the kind of teacher I want to be that I can take see the best in my students." Love, love, love this film.

2. Sweet Home Alabama--what southern girl doesn't love this love story? In my fairytale world, the country boy always wins.

1. The Notebook--of course! I used to watch this film and see them as a young couple and desire that passion. Since my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I watched my grandpa take such loving care of her until she passed. And still yet he goes to the cemetery routinely to decorate her grave and make sure it's tended to. He still loves her to a depth that only few people ever get to have. Now I watch this film and see the older couple and desire that love.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

True story--one of my students had my title phrase {I like big books, and I cannot lie} on a t-shirt last week. I thought it was awesome...because I am a nerd. And I teach Language Arts 3 times a day. That's why.

Four books...

4. Twilight saga--bandwagon or no bandwagon, I waited for nearly a year for Breaking Dawn to come out. And I was at the mall with all the tweens at midnight to get it. It was almost completely read by the next morning.

3. Blue Bloods series--another vampire series that livens my soul even more than the Cullens can. My Midland BFF (Barbara) sent me a text today telling me she's in the 5th book of this series. Addiction. That is pure addiction...and I love it! I desperately want to get back into this series and read the latest three, but right now I'm consumed with other young adult novels.

2. When God Writes Your Love Story--I was in the latter half of my 24th year before I finally met my casanova. I spent countless days at bridal showers, bachelorette parties, fittings, and weddings for my amazing friends. Each one of them had been given this great love story, but it seemed like it would never be my turn. After trials {big nasty ones that come in the form of toolbags} and tears and years of waiting through high school, college, and the beginning of my career I was growing impatient with God. Why couldn't I have my turn? What was He molding me for? In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the story He was writing. But when I read When God Writes Your Love Story, it was such a needed reminder on the value of waiting for the right one...of letting God be the author. When I let go of the pen and the Lord took control, I found myself the protagonist in a story my imagination could've never conceived. To say I love Cash is an understatement. I love his every perfection and flaw. I love his quiet nature. I love his ability to be so work-oriented yet make time for me 10 hours away. I love his competitive side and adoration of politics. I love his morals. And most of all I love his relationship with Christ (even if we didn't have the same baptism experience...and I had to say that because he's reading this blog). So this long rant is more for those of you who haven't found God's prince for you. I'll tell you what my dear friend Zach told me just about a year ago, "He's out there. And he's looking so hard for you. He's running as fast and as hard as he can straight to you." I told Zach that he apparently was taking detours and wasn't that fast, because that's what it felt like. But, Blessed One, he is out there. And while God is leading him to you, God is also still molding you and in the middle of writing your story. Don't let your destination get in the way of your journey.

1. Captivating--for those of you who know me in the church setting very well, you know my passion is for purity and innocence of girls' hearts--girls of all ages, from 2 to 92. I've been blessed to lead several Bible studies using this book as a tool. Every time I pick it up, I'm overwhelmed with the love God has for us, how He wants us to pursue Him, and the beauty He created in us. We have such unique abilities as women, yet we often drown ourselves in weakness. I had this book marked all the way through, but it was on my desk in my classroom last year and someone apparently picked it up. My prayer is that they did find comfort in it..that it touched their heart. I can't express to you how profound this book will be in your life--or your daughter's life, or your mother's life, or your co-worker's life. I gave a copy of it to my secret sister for Women's League last year...that's how much I feel this book will bless your soul.

Now that I've talked about reading, it makes me oh-s0-excited for a relaxing weekend with my Beth Moore Bible study on David. And when I start connecting this prophecy and history of our Father's written word, I can't help but understand why it's ultimately the most heart-touching, mind-resting, captivating book of all.

Be blessed, sweet ones. I love you all.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

{5} Foods

I'm trying to not grow really tired of this 10 day challenge. But my momma always said to not quit. And Winston Churchill said to never ever ever give up.

I really want to start a marathon training program. I read this blog of a chic who is in her 10th week of training. Since the fall weather is starting to hit (hey, 80 degrees DOES feel like fall right now), I thought it'd be the perfect time to start getting back in shape. Plus, I showed Cash all these little pictures of me this weekend. It brought back so many memories of playing softball and running track...I guess I didn't even realize how many sports I played and track meets I ran. So this is for 10 year old Avery who was in shape and could outrun everyone in the county...I'm doing this running thing.

However, I started realizing that if I can't even finish a 10 day challenge on my blog, no way would I finish an 18 week marathon training program. So we're going to stick around the ol' blog challenge for a few more days...hey, we're halfway there!

5 Foods

This could be super hard for a newbie cooker like myself.

5. Mashed Potatoes and brown gravy

4. Sweet baby carrots

3. bbq anything

2. Watermelon

1. Baked beans (preferably with nacho cheese doritos)

Am I from the South or what?

Sounds like my marathon training is going to be coincided with great, healthy foods.

Have a blessed one...I'm going to search through every picture on pinterest now.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5, 6 Pick up Sticks

Six places.

Let's stop there. You know how last week I was so excited that Cash was coming into town? Well, we had the most fabulous weekend. And now I just feel awful. Yesterday morning he left, and it just seems like half of me is being pulled away when he has to go. Then I found out we weren't getting to see each other in 2 weeks...it's going to be another entire month. And I was so bummed that it put a damper on the weekend we had.

Long-distance relationships have to be one of the hardest things to endure. Although you're doing it together, it just seems like you're alone in it. Has anyone else went through this? Every moment I spend with him is more amazing than the last, but it's so so so hard to go without him. Don't get me wrong...I'd rather go without seeing him for a month than not have him at all. But I can't help but be completely crushed when I don't get to see him. Does anyone else deal with this?

Back to numero seis. Places...

I decided to mix it up with 6 places I --loathe-- and 6 places I --love--.


6. The roads between Alma and Midland. I love the destination, but this journey is LONG and boring and goes through Oklahoma.

5. The Middle East--for very, very obvious reasons to those who are close to me...and for its extreme heat I had to endure

4. Oklahoma--I. Hate. Toll. Roads.

3. Gallup, New Mexico--My dad tortured us as children when we would go on family vacations. It was no doubt he was going to make us stop in this homely (NOT homey) town.

2. Conway--Go Bears, yes. But Conway's traffic toppled with my {not the best ever} college experience put a bitter taste in my mouth.

I realize being a teacher at Alma I should say Greenwood or Van Buren for number one. However, this place that only my boyfriend could teach me to loathe has taken the top spot today. Hold your breaths...my most hated place on Earth is...

1. Odessa, Texas--You just can't love Midland and Odessa at the same time. Just ain't a happenin'.


6. Midland, Texas--love this dry piece of land and can't wait to be there again! Having your heartthrob in the desert land makes it a little more glorious. The friends I've made through Cash are just incomparable.

5. Jethro--my parent's farm is the most relaxing place on earth

4. Reynold's Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, Arkansas--calling the Hogs is the most exciting in this sea of red

3. my dad's work--I feel like I grew up in Bank of the Ozarks, and I still feel like it's home away from home when I go to visit the ol' pops.

2. the Rocky Mtns--nothing screams "relaxing" or "getaway" like the Rockies. One day I WILL have a cabin there.

And just for you to know what makes my heart melt...what can make me in the best mood of my life...what I endure the brutal winter for...

my favorite turkey hunter--Mr. Michael Waddell

1. Turkey Camp--without giving away too much detail for the sake of other hunters and campers stealing this sacred spot, it's in the beautiful mountains north of Ozark...and it's only this glorious one week out of the year: when Rocky Joe and Uncle Travis are making spectacles of anyone who may (or may not) have had an embarrassing moment. They make no story a good story! Turkey camp with the Hub is my favorite place on Earth!

Friday, September 2, 2011

...But 70x7

Se7en Wants

Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."

7. Cash to get here already, duh!

6. Have a cabin in the mountains, preferably the Rockies

5. To have the ability to send my kids to a private school so they can study the Bible--I see now how incredibly important that is, and I desire so much to know the Bible better myself.

4. A lifetime of happiness with Cash like I watched with my Grandma and Grandpa Kuykendall

3. Learn to cook well so that I can have dinner ready for Cash...and it be healthy!

2. Finish my MPA...and going with that, I'd love to work for a campaign

1. Convince Cash to call the Hogs, him love it, and then be a Razorback couple

Is it sad that I put that as my #1 desire? haha :)

Love you'ins....GO DOGS...GO HOGS!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

There is {Nothing} to Fear but Fear Itself

8 Fears...breezy. Can they all be about the Middle East?

8. Sleeping

7. Having to leave America

(y'all, I'm not kidding about these)

6. Drowning

5. What I will do if I ever live away from my family...so scary!

4. Giving birth. Oh, geez, that fear really makes me lean towards not having chitlins.

3. Hide-behinds

2. Coming up on a bear in the turkey woods

1. Bridges

On such positive notes, I'm hitting the hay. When I wake up, my handsome will be getting work done to head this way. Woo..wooohoooo!!!! Now that's not fearful at all! Night, sweets!