Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shop til you {Drop} A Lot of Doughhh

Notice I didn't say you dropped a lot of Cash. Because I don't want you dropping my handsome rock collector.

Apparently since I came home from the Middle East, all I need is therapy. Retail therapy that is. Because I have spent more money than a teacher should in local boutiques, city malls, and even stands on the side of the road.

I found some napkins at a local Midland store yesterday that read, "Shopping is better therapy than a psychiatrist." Can I get an amen?

But I've found some insanely cute clothes--and even some good looking watermelon. I had to share! So...drumroll please.

With the purchase of these Tom's ( Tom's!) I went against my better judgement of buying peeped-toe wedges towards the end of summer, but I knew trips to Midland called for new shoes. I try to counter the arguement with the notion that Texas has longer summers. So I'm safe. I wanted a reason to wear these awesome blossom shoes, and it led me to the realization that yes! I do need that dress from BR. And perhaps these crisp white shorts from WHBM. Seriously. I never realized how much I needed these white shorts in my wardrobe until I had them.

Seriously. You can wear them with a light tank, a polished blouse, wedges, pumps, everything! Almost everything anyway. At WHBM my sis and I got in a knock down drag out about who should get the last small cardigan on a rack and who should get the medium. Being the person who found the shirt, tried it on, and purchased it I felt as though I deserved it. But being older she felt she needed it. However, I wasn't going to roll over and let some 29 year old chica beat me down again. I wanted the shirt. I bought it. I kept it! Does everyone else still fight with their siblings? Or is that just us?

Anywho, one last thing before I hit the heat of West Texas. Cash and I were going swimming in San Antonio, and I felt as though I needed a hat. You can pick one up at your local Target. I so so so wish hats were in for people my age. I l-o-v-e the fancy hats at Dillard's and would wear the mess out of them if I wasn't 25. Maybe I will anyway. I did rock this at the neighborhood pool...

I was so pumped about this floppy hat! Before long I'll have feathers sticking out of my way too formal hat. You'll ask if my grandmother bought it for me when she was 14. And I'll smile as big as Texas, because I'll just be glad to have a hat on. What do you think about hats?

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