Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Highlights

Just a recap of our past week:

*Cash finished his first cycling race! Day 1 was from Midland to Big Spring. Day 2 from Big Spring to Post. I drove down to Big Spring (yep--all the way from the Natural State!) to meet up with Cash on Saturday night. Sunday morning I dropped him for his big day. I felt so, so bad leaving him there. He was so tired and sore not to mention how early it was! It was as if I was dropping my kid off for the first day of school, and he didn't want to go. He just wheeled his bike up to the tables and sort of waved with the saddest look on his face. But by the time his parents and I got to Post that afternoon, he was all smiles..and sweat. I was SO PROUD of him!!! Now we're on the hunt for a new bike after he pawned his off to his brother.

Finish line!

5 hours for the last 75 miles

I'm so proud of him for cycling for MS! He is an amazing guy!!

*Since Cash has to work all week, I stay home with Jett. Typically, I lay out by the pool. But last week I wasn't feeling the pool action. I was being a little Debbie Downer. I did, however, get caught up on some much needed rest. I'm trying to get myself motivated to do some projects this week. We'll see. haha

*Jeanne's good friend Ember got married Saturday. So Aaron and Jeanne came in Thursday night, and we got to hang out with them and little Lena. This Naynee loves her Lena!!! She was the life of the party Saturday night and danced until her grandparents took her home. It was fun watching her. I loved just being with Cash too. There's nothing like it! A slow song started at one point, and he asked me if I wanted to dance. You may not know my boyfriend, but he's not a get up and dance kind of guy. But once we got out there it was as if the rest of the world just stopped. I love being with him and talking and forgetting that someone else even exists. I had one picture of us from the wedding, but it's on Cash's phone. So just use your imagination! You know he looked handsome as always, and I had on my new pink that pretty much tells you how awesome the picture was!

They had a mariachi band at the reception! So fun!

*Last night we had friends over to Cash's for a pool party. We worked all afternoon cleaning the pool, mowing the yard, sweeping, know the routine. Cash isn't typically up for a big party, but once everyone left he said, "That was a lot of fun!" I love getting to be with his friends, because they are all such good, good people. Aaron and Jeanne had also decided to stay another day, so they got to come with Lena. They were the last ones to leave, and when they left I just started bawling. I can't believe Lena will be a big sister next time I see her. And Jeanne will be a mommy of 2! The time I have spent here this summer has flown by. I love love love my family, but I'm so blessed that Cash has such a wonderful family too. Jeanne and I have become such good friends, and I can't imagine what I'd do without her!

Once everyone left, we were trying to take one picture. We did a terrible job, but I'll leave you with one just for grins...

Pretty tragic..we know. But it's okay.

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