Friday, July 29, 2011

Cash and I have been in the middle of some super heavy decisions...and it just makes me realize even more how God has blessed me. I can't begin to imagine living life with someone else. But instead of doing a State of the Union today, I decided to throw in a curve ball.

Pretty much, I've been crying lots of tears of joy lately...and here's why:

  • I got to come back to the States, alive. And that means so much.

  • My dear friend Amy asked to move in with me. Such a blessing!! I was about to try and sell my house, because there's no way I'd be able to live there alone ever again.

  • I have been able to spend a total of 4 weeks with Cash when I originally thought I wouldn't even see him the entire summer.

  • Cash's mom asked us to go to dinner last night, because I wouldn't see them for a while. Although it was a challenge for me to pick the restaurant (I'm no good at decisions...), it was so sweet to know she cared enough to be with us.

  • My niece and nephew are starting Kindergarten. Wasn't it just yesterday that I drove 4 hours to watch Braeson's birth? How is this possible? But I'm so happy to be so close to them...for now. :)

  • Everything about Razorback football puts me into a state of excitement.

  • I'm getting Pathwise trained and pray pray pray for a student teacher next spring.

  • The director of the MPA program at a certain graduate school told me my hours from the University of Arkansas would transfer no problemo to his program!

  • Basically, no graduate classes this I can take some time to just enjoy every moment of Arkansas for the next year or two or three. We'll see! :)

  • My {maybe one day} sister-in-law is hoping to go to War Eagle with me this year. Yeah yeah!

  • But before that...she's having another little girl!! Nieces and hairbows all around!

  • I got a new shed. This is like 5 Christmases rolled into 1 for me.

  • Today is payday. Can I get an amen?

Okay..I have so many more things that are just pretty awesome right now. But I also have 40 mintues to shower and get ready before my rock collector gets here for lunch. Eeek! Wish me luck!!

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