Friday, June 24, 2011

S of the U

Friday? Really? Who is even counting now that summer is here...which means no more school! Wahooo. Teachers love summer breaks more than the kids these days!

Of course this week is just absolutely awesome, because I've spent some of it in the great state of Texas and some in the great state of Arkansas. That means I've seen pretty much everyone I love in one week. Doesn't happen often!

getting a new school key..for freeyaaa!

just sitting with my mom knowing that no foreign man will get through her to me

laying in the pool reading Chelsea Handler's plethora of trashy books

having my little rock collector come home at 5 and spending all evening with him

dry heat

manis/pedis with Jeanne tomorrow AM

the drive from Arkansas to west Texas

basically being a vampire due to lack of sleep

my cookie cutters being a total letdown--furthermore, my aspirations of opening my own bakery being crumbled (literally) before my very eyes

estate sales--they are just flippin' creepy

Have a wonderful little weekend...

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