Friday, June 17, 2011

My Sweet Love

Next week Kelly is doing her semi-annual SUYL on singles. This has made me so happy just remembering how I met my sweet love. He's gone this week/weekend on a fly-fishing trip to Wyoming, so that combined with the recent events has left me with an even bigger sense of appreciation for who has been in my life the last 5 months. God used a really unique way to bring us together, but I'm so glad it's our story. I think I might just write about him all week since I feel like it's basically our anniversary week with the SUYL that is coming up. (You know..since I NEVER write about him!)

Tonight I decided to talk about 7 things I've learned about Cash since we met. He's an interesting guy, and I learn from him everyday...he really just blows me away.

1. He loves rugby...whatever that is! Before we met, I don't know if I knew the difference between rugby, lacrosse, and polo. In fact I know I didn't. Now I know the difference between 7's and 15's. I know that a rugby is bigger than a football. And I know that the Rugby World Championship is in New Zealand. That's a lot of learning!

2. The guy has some taste! And I don't mean just in girls. haha. He is the best dresser I know! Before I left for my summer trip, we went shopping at Pinnacle. My mom even said, "You should take Cash shopping with you. I bet he could really help." Boy did he ever...he was the best shopping partner!! I don't mean that in a girly way. He is just my best friend in the whole entire world, and he can tell me what looks good....or bad. But hopefully mostly good. :)

3. He has such vision for his house. I don't have that all. I bought my house completely remodeled, because I barely know how to change a light bulb. However, Cash takes the most attention starved room of a house and can see what it will look like when he finishes. His kitchen, for instance, is more than any girl could ever put together. It's phenomenal what he did. Plus, he actually is learning to cook. He bought 2 Thai cookbooks while I was gone, made whipped cream to go with some pies I baked, and keeps colored candy in jars for decoration. That is pretty stinkin' awesome.

4. The brain in that boy is incredible. I grew up with a very intelligent dad, so it was always something that was a must for a guy I would want to marry. God blew me away in that department, because Cash will talk about work and I'm just overwhelmed. He took me to a rig one day, and I'm still amazed at the simple things like how high those people worked...I don't think I'd ever understand how the whole process really happens. However, I'm trying my best to understand horizontal drilling and blowouts and all other oilfield terms. And who ever complained that their boyfriend was a geologist? Afterall, he went to a conference and bought me a pearl necklace. Uhm. Yes. He buys awesome jewelry.

5. He's a wonderful listener, which my family would say is very important to be in a relationship with me. haha. Sometimes it makes me mad, and I tell him he's mute. But to be honest, I'm so appreciative I can sit and just talk to him. He gives me great advice, and he pops in with things I didn't realize he even picked up on. Like the day he gave me the pearl necklace that wasn't a strand...because he remembered me saying I wanted a pearl necklace I could wear all the time (I have it on in the pic from the rodeo!). Or the day he drove me 2 hours to Lubbock to walk through their law school, because he knew how much I wanted to go to law school. Or when he bought me my favorite book for my birthday, because he remembered when I said one of my students never brought it back. Who does that? Only the greatest man in the world.

6. He loves to be outside camping and fishing. Although our versions of camping are different....okay, let's define this. CAMPer and CAMPing have the same root word. TENT and CAMPing do NOT. So you need a camper to be camping. Someone please inform my boyfriend that I'm not a wimp for using a camper! Anyway...he loves backpacking, hiking, camping (whichever version it may be), biking, running, and on and on and on. He's actually in Wyoming fly fishing right now. He would love to hike the Grand Canyon, and I would love to be able to do it with him. But I'm going to have to be whooped into shape if that's going to happen.

7. He loves me more than I even deserve. When I was about to leave for my trip, he drove 10 hours to come in for my going away party, took 2 days off work, packed my 2 bags of luggage for 3 months, took me to the airport, and stood by security watching me until I was out of sight. When I was overseas and in the most traumatic moment of my life, he got up at 4 in the morning to sit on Skype with me just to tell me I'd be okay. When I got home, he drove 2 1/2 hours to eat dinner with me and kept telling my mom and sister, "Thanks for bringing her." Day in and day out he's the one person I turn to for, well, everything. I remember one night at his house, we were about to watch a movie. He said he forgot something at the store and would be right back. When he got home, he had bought Dr. Pepper, kettle korn, and straws--all things just for me.

I don't know how I was so blessed, but the last 5 months of my life have been some of the richest I've ever known. A lot of times it gets rough living 10 hours apart. However, every single moment of missing him is worth it. I'd rather miss HIM than spend time with anyone else in the world. He's my favorite person, my best friend, my sweet sweet love. I'm so thankful for him, and my hope for everyone is that they know a love like this. It's uncomparable to any other feeling in this world. For those that are about to participate in next week's Show Us Your Life, I wish you all the luck...and we can't wait to see who joins us on this journey!


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