Thursday, June 30, 2011

Golf Galore

Do you know where I am? Yep! Good ol' Midland, Texas--home of my Romeo!

Now I pretty much hate golf myself. Not how I hate cats. But I definitely don't enjoy playing. A few years ago I loved it, and I would go quite often. I even played in my church's golf tournament last year. But I don't some point I just lost any interest in playing it myself.

Now you see why I love riding in the cart! Swwittt swwiiiooeee

However, I L-O-V-E riding in the cart, especially with Cash. Since I've been lucky enough to come to beautiful (definition still pending) Midland, Texas, for 2 weeks, I decided to ride around with him and Nick Monday evening. It was, afterall, supposed to be "Bachelor Week" since Erin is gone and I of course wasn't supposed to be in the States at this point. But the guys were courteous enough to act like they really wanted me to ride in the cart with them. It was a blast: I got 2 bags of chips, a huge Dr. Pepper, and a bag of corn nuts. And I got to watch Cash look handsome. Now that's an awesome night!

Great shot, Nick!

And just for the record, not only do I have the best looking golfer to call my boyfriend, I also have a nephew who is getting pretty close to rivaling the greats of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Okay, that's about as far as my golf lingo goes...and no, he's not on the same moral block as Tiger. At 6 he has risen above that. But moving on--check out the video of him playing at The Links in Bella Vista with his pops. ~Sadly, I can't figure out how to download it from my brother-in-law's facebook. But you can always check it out on there!~


  1. If I ever catch a whif of corn nuts on you, our friendship is over. At this moment I am dry-heaving at the very thought.