Friday, May 20, 2011

State of the Union

This week I didn't feel quite as perky about doing the State of the Union. Then I realized that I probably needed it more since I've been so down. It always helps me to think about the great things instead of constantly fretting over the same stresses.

1. My mom stopped by to let me give my niece and nephew a hug and kiss. Braeson was sick, so he just held my hand.

2. Yesterday I was having a rough day, so my dad offered to come up and take me to dinner. We had steak and the best discussions.

3. My best friend from college--Katie--is coming in tonight.

4. Bottom's Friday. And that's helping me get through the day. That and the candy bars Kristen sent me yesterday.
5. God is working. I don't know what His results will be, but I know he's working pretty hard on me right now.

6. I had to include one more...just because my nephew is a great t-ball player. More on that later!

7. Ohh...and Scotty McCreery is 1 week away from being the American Idol.

1. Tornadoes. I'm so over them.

2. When life gives you lemons, and you haven't had time to make the lemonade just yet.

3. Being away from Cash. That gets me down more than anything.

Do you have those types of weeks too? I hope you can have more things "in" than "out." Have a blessed weekend, lovely little things.

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