Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Wonder...

If you know me, you know I love Amish people. I have a very dear friend who is Amish, and pre-Cash I was always telling her to hook me up! She said I was too wild for the Amish boys...and that none my age were single. HA! But I am mesmorized with their beliefs and conservatism.

In a typical post, I would insert a picture _______ here. But as you may know, we can't have pictures of the Amish. My mom went to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and enjoyed a nice visit to Amish country. She snapped a few pictures of the backs of wagons, which is a few more than I've ever gotten in all the time I've spent with Renae.

They are a precious, precious people..and they love and serve God like I've never known. Every time I go there, I wonder...am I that materialistic that I can't live like this?

And then when something goes wrong at work and my computer isn't working quite right, I instantly get frustrated. Then I sit back and wonder...what was life like before technology? It had to have been less complicated.

I wonder...do all the things that make life easier just make us busier?

Like telephones.

And computers.

And dishwashers. No..not that one. That one's definitely worth it.

And nice cars that get 15 mpg.

And TV dinners. (That's really something Cash hates..and he blames TV dinners for my lack of cooking ability.)

I don't know...I just wonder. What would life be like without all this...this...this stuff. I may take my dad up on his challenge of us living in the wilderness living off the land for a month. We want to see how little money and possessions we can live off of. I think it'd be a neat experiment, like the PBS reality show a few years ago when they lived like the 1800s. I don't know if I could do it, but I just wonder...

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